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Our Ethics for you

The companies within the Capgemini Group, including Sogeti, are committed to business ethics.  Business ethics builds trust with our clients, shareholders, team members, suppliers and other stakeholders. It provides the right environment  and acts as a business enabler to support our clients’ ambition and growth.

Capgemini is committed to comply with all applicable competition and antitrust laws and regulations,  and rejects any form of bribery and corruption.

Capgemini has been guided since its creation, by seven core Values. Our internal “Blue Book” reflects the way our processes integrate these Values. More recently, in 2010, Capgemini has issued, promoted and supported a Code of Business Ethics.

Capgemini supports and adheres to:

>  The principles of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights and refuse the use of forced labor and child labor;

>  The principles of the fundamental conventions on labor standards of the International Labour organization;

>  The OECD guidelines for Multinational Enterprises;

>  The Principles of the UN Global Compact  Program and has signed up the UN Global  Compact “Caring for climate” initiative.

Capgemini has set up an Ethics & Compliance organization: a Chief Ethics & Compliance Ofἀcer at Group Level supported by local Ethics & Compliance Officers, in charge of implementing the Ethics & Compliance program. As part of this program, every employee receives the Code of Business Ethics and is expected to comply to it and follow specific training.

Capgemini is acting to get any Group’s team member, at any level of the Group, adhering to the core 7 Values and principles expressed in our Code of Business Ethics. In particular, this involves:

>  As a basic rule, to respect international, national and local applicable laws and regulations;

>  To respect all health and safety applicable rules and contribute to a safe and inclusive work environment;

>  To act responsibly in the market-place by complying with all applicable competition laws and regulations, complying with all applicable anti-bribery and anti-corruptions rules, by avoiding conflicts of interests and not to engage in insider trading, by providing accurate and correct business and financial information;

>  To build honest and clear relationships with clients, alliance or other business partners, and suppliers;

>  To maintain the security and integrity of the assets of the Group and those under our control;

>  To support the communities and respect the environment in which we operate.

Such behavior is important for respecting, defending and upholding the Group as an ethical and responsible business and for protecting our reputation. It is an ongoing commitment to maintaining and promoting world class standards of business integrity and trust wherever we operate.  


Download our Ethics rules by clicking on the image below.