Local touch – Global reach

Our Mission and Vision

For Sogeti, clients and employees come first !

Our mission is to be a leading provider of professional technology services. Our vision is to be perceived as the best supplier on each local market.

Year after year Sogeti is delivering client satisfaction at a level that positions the company among the best of the best in our markets and our competitors. The success of Sogeti is the reflection of the trust that our clients are granting us and the result of the dedication of our employees. At Sogeti we are passionate about two simple but wonderful things : clients and technology. You can be sure that Sogeti will continue to cherish these two pillars of our “raison d’être”. Being close to our clients and providing them with the best of what technology can bring will continue to be at the very heart of Sogeti’s mission.

Luc-François Salvador
Chairman and CEO of Sogeti Group


Luc-François Salvador