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The Other Sogeti

The companies within the Sogeti Group are committed to acting responsibly towards society and the world at large. We strongly believe that, by leveraging our IT expertise and the commitment and skills
of our 20,000 employees, we can bring about change. In both our local communities and globally, we support real and pragmatic initiatives that will have a positive impact in three areas: ‘Giving back to Society’, Education & Employment and the Environment. Our CSR programs are focused on micro-finance solutions, enablement through education and equal opportunity, and green technological solutions.

Sogeti’s Corporate Social Responsibility Vision

Technology to support ‘Giving back to Society’

  • Sogeti will continue to participate in the development of new technology solutions, which contribute to the achievement of projects that enable people to ‘give back’, most notably in the field of microfinance.

  • Sogeti will also use its IT expertise to promote world-wide access to interactive websites, funding platforms or information that enable individuals or groups to ‘give back’. 

Valuing competence through education, training and personal development

  • Sogeti places a lot of value on professional competence in the workplace, through the recruitment process, personal development and career-path opportunities. Therefore, we will continue to actively promote diversity and equality between men and women, as well as fight against every type of discrimination.

  • Easy and unrestricted access to education and training is essential to reducing inequality in employment. Sogeti aims to develop partnerships with schools and universities and so encourage broader active participation in education in general and in IT training in particular.

  • We are very keen to develop our partnership with NGOs and other social not-for-profit organisations, and so enable our employees to pass on their expertise and skills to help others in less advantaged situations.  

Technological innovation to protect the Environment

  • Sogeti will reduce its work-related CO² output, in particular rationalising its travel activity by increasing its use of technological alternatives such as video conferencing.

  • We believe that the environmental constraints facing our clients will motivate us to develop innovative ‘green’ IT solutions to help clients meet these challenges.

Our pledges in the fields of ‘Giving back’, Education & Employment and Environment are aligned with the Ethical Charter and commitments of the Capgemini Group, and adhere to the United Nations’ Global Compact, the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the International Labour Organization's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

Our commitment to CSR

Read our pdf brochure about what CSR and The Other Sogeti means to us and get to know us a little bit better.

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Our Ethics for you

CSR is an important part of our Ethics.
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René Speelman
Global Corporate Social Responsibility
Director, Sogeti
+31(0)88 660 66 00 + ext. 7891

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