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The Sogeti Story

The name Sogeti has its origins in France and is the name of origin for the entire Cap Gemini Group, founded by Serge Kampf in 1967. The name was an acronym for "Société pour la gestion et le traitement de l'information" which, roughly translated, means "Business Management and Information Processing Company". Until 1992 the Swedish company within the Cap Gemini Group was named Cap Gemini Sogeti. This name was followed by Cap Programator, Cap Gemini and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young. In 2002, the Cap Gemini Group founded a subsidiary called Sogeti in six countries to focus on the growing local IT market. The former 5,500 employees in six countries today consist of a workforce with over 20.000 people in 15 countries.

The story behind the logo

The Ace of Spades was chosen as a symbol for our company as early as in 1967 when our founder Serge Kampf launched SOGETI, a French acronym for 'Société de Gestion des Entreprises et de Traitement de l'Information', or 'Business Management and Information Processing Company'. The original logo was a square divided into four segments, the first three being: SO, GE, and TI. The famous Ace of Spades was put in the remaining segment.

The official story behind the Ace of Spades tells that, for a 500 Francs fee, a small advertising agency in Grenoble suggested three ideas for the logo - a bee, a cog and the ace of ... clubs (a symbol of luck and happiness). Serge Kampf rejected all three and chose the Ace of Spades, a suiting symbol for joint strength, since it is the strongest card/colour in bridge.

Since then the company has grown and changed its name several times, but the Ace of Spade still remains in our logo, and has become a unique and valuable asset for our company.


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