Local touch – Global reach

Why you should join us

Sogeti offers the strength and experience of a major global corporation, complemented by its people-centric, local business model.

We remain an international environment even when our core business is very local. Our community spirit is based on gathering knowledge, skills and experiences. Team collaboration is key to individual development as well. Co-operation and interaction with senior consultants and clients help to meet individual development needs and help employees to achieve their career aspirations.

We are committed to your professional development and career advancement. We offer flexible personal training and coaching, internal and external education and a variety of classroom and web-based learning options. Our goal is to provide a rewarding and equality-based work place.

At Sogeti we are committed to building a long and enduring relationship with our employees and to creating an environment that rewards and empowers. Our mission is to constantly exceed our employees' expectations in the same way that we strive to exceed our clients' expectations. We offer an environment that respects diversity, celebrates innovation and helps you to achieve a good balance between your professional and personal life.

Why Sogeti in short

Thinking about working for us? Here are some reasons in short why you should choose Sogeti:

  • We are a leading provider of professional technology services
  • We are a large company, bringing together more than 20,000 professionals in 14 countries
  • We deliver on time above client’s expectation (OTACE)
  • Our employees are passionate, entrepreneurial, knowledgeable and unpretentious

  • We offer good working conditions with bonuses and benefits
  • We offer market adjusted salaries
  • We deliver high quality solutions
  • We are a good, safe and successful employer
  • We are a well-renowned supplier of technology services
  • We constantly invest in your personal and competence development
  • Through our competence networks you interact with knowledgeable colleagues locally, nationally and world-wide
  • Our passionate experts create  innovative solutions for the future

  • We are known to be easy to work with, having world-class, entrepreneurial and dedicated resources, with a flexible and problem solving approach
  • We use our world-class methodologies and processes & tools
  • We focus on performance rather than talk
  • Our decentralized and flat organization makes us fast-moving, visualizing the individual

  • Our clients like us
  • We measure client satisfaction making it clear before each assignment what the client want to make your job easier
  • We work pro-actively to engage more women into the IT and High Tech sector
  • We have a strong company culture world-wide

  • We are successful
  • Working as a consultant bring variation to your work life
  • We support concrete initiatives that have a positive impact on solidarity, social issues and the environment
  • We love what we do!


Want to join us?

For more information about job offerings in the country of your interest please visit our local websites’ job pages. Direct links to local job pages can be found here.