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Cost Reduction

The fight is on – hot tips how to lower your IT costs

The world-wide financial crisis is affecting all industries, more or less. With a strong partner as Sogeti, you quickly receive support when you need to lower your IT related costs and at the same time invest intelligently for the future in modern technology with further cost savings as a result. We offer many suggestions for how to lower your costs both short term and in the long run.

For many, the need to save money – today – is eminent. One of the quickest ways that we can offer is to help you outsource selected parts of your operations to India where we have over a 1000 extremely knowledgeable Sogeti colleagues that are lead by our experts close to you, in your country. With clear business cases we can eliminate your toughest challenges for 2009.

Save now

One very concrete and effective outsourcing example is that we take over and manage your test related operations with a 90 percent reduction of errors in production as a result. Or why not let us handle your applications management where we can take on an overall role and administrate and hold together the applications management including possible handling of other external consultants you may use. We minimize the fixed costs and make them variable.

With our analytical model TPI we are able to, in a short period of time, get an overview of the state of your testing operations and suggest improvement measures bringing up to 30 percent cost savings. To save money now, in a specific project Software Testing as a Service can be another alternative, a packaged just-in-time solution.

Save continuosly

We are as most effective when we work in close collaboration based on an open dialog with you and your organization. Even if you make new investments in modern technology we make sure that you save money at the same time through re-use and close collaboration with close and strong world-wide partners as Microsoft and IBM. With modern Business Intelligence solutions, often possible to build on existing infrastructure, the entire organization get real-time control over costs. Implementing our world-renowned testing method TMap you save money each time you invest in new technology solutions.

These are just a few tips to lower your costs and your closest Sogeti office can tell you more about them or offer a large number of other cost-cutting measures that we are able to assist in.