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Cloud Computing provides a highly flexible pool of commoditized and shared IT services which can be rapidly provisioned with minimal management effort.

Cloud Computing is changing the way enterprises support and consume IT. It relies on its capability to offer the provision of dynamically scalable resources as a service. It means the necessity to maintain the right balance between the way of delivering services, the up-scaling and down-scaling resources mechanisms and the utility pricing model.

These on-demand resources can be configured by self-service mechanisms and consumed as a pay-per-use service, using internet technology. This allows for maximum flexibility in IT resources and the cost associated with them, allowing for transparent cost control. Adopting a cloud approach will only be successful if it is relayed by business drivers. Where IT initiated transformations tend to fail or under deliver, a business-aware strategy will ensure robust migration and integration.

Why move to the Cloud?

The pace of business keeps accelerating creation several challenges for IT, among a loss of control over systems that are seen as expensive to build and to operate, as well as a need to develop greater focus on business driven technology or to put it simply: technology that matters for business.

The assembled technologies known as “Cloud Computing” provide a unique opportunity to:

  • Ensure greater focus on innovation by reducing IT functions that are high in management and financial cost
  • Develop integration frameworks that bring business, its suppliers and customers into closer collaboration
  • Transform traditional IT to a consumerized access to share IT assets for a better balance between Capex-oriented procurement and Opex-oriented consumption

Cloud Computing is one of the key approaches helping a company to move towards an ideal scenario in which Business Services are provided and available on demand.

Sogeti provides a set of Cloud services based on a fully automated environment, with “triple play” solutions -on site, near site, rightshore-, to matching your specific business needs, with appropriate Service Level Agreement and billing models.

Smart Cloud Integration 

All Cloud Services integrate different technology sources. As a leader among information technology service providers, Sogeti has developed an ecosystem of strategic partners over time covering a majority of the technologies implemented worldwide.

As such, Sogeti provides a full range of solutions which meet the key functions needed by business.
Our experience at building customized services ensures that we benefit from both:

  • Industrialization & Automation of mixed (Public and Private) and shared IT environments.
  • Personalized billing based upon work units tailored to our clients’ business.

Sogeti is committed to delivering part or all of these solutions right up to bundled service packages with service levels designed specifically for a business’ needs.
Service level agreements can include services delivered by third-parties outside the cloud, or even fully integrated services.

Smart Cloud Services Components

Sogeti provides a set of services covering the entire spectrum of the ongoing transformation cycle generated by Cloud Computing, from Consulting to Operation.

1. Smart Journey to the Cloud

Sogeti offers a structured approach to help you to transform your business goals into cloud technology targets, mandatory steps for reaching and even surpassing your initial objectives.

Cloud Discovery Day: A tailored service using Sogeti’s workshop-driven Technovision to identify and establish what is suitable to your business: IT transformation road-map, architectural model, service delivery model, value banking model.

Cloud Center Tour: A visit to one of the Sogeti Cloud Centers using the cloud technologies of our strategic partners providing you with a clear understanding of the main solutions available on the market.

Cloud Readiness Assessment: A disciplined approach in a short timeframe to determine how cloud services can provide value to a client’s business.

Cloud Architecture Assessment: A structured study based on SOA to assess that your cloud implementation structure is consistent, efficient, aligned with objectives, secure and exposed to minimum risk.

Cloud Innovation Catalyst: Through ongoing discussion with Sogeti professionals, the Cloud Innovation Catalyst is a core group of your colleagues that maintain an up-to-date understanding of the evolving cloud landscape, and to implement adjustments your businesss’ Cloud Journey.

2. Smart Platforms for the Cloud

Cloud readiness is based on a platform that fully embraces the characteristics of the cloud (elasticity, standardization, automation,…). Sogeti offers a set of services to set up smart platforms such as Virtualization (servers and workstations) for the Cloud, Application platforms for the Cloud, Shared Storage provision and Service Management in the Cloud.

3. Smart Security in the Cloud

Wanting to adopt a robust and lasting approach to Cloud Computing? You have to look beyond technology. The best risk minimization strategies of today must take governance and compliance into account. Our experts will assist you to improve security and ensure optimal protection.

4. Smart Collaboration in the Cloud

Business understands the need for social collaboration software, not because it’s trendy but because it is an efficient way to connect people with each other  they collaborate fruitfully. Inside a company or a business ecosystem, tools for social collaboration can provide the right mix between the social and the ‘functional organic’. Sogeti offers an end-to-end approach to define, build, deploy and operate Collaboration Solutions. This approach is built on a bespoke methodology, TeamPark, that has already implemented with several tens of thousands of users.

5. Smart Development and Testing in the Cloud

Development and testing are part of the Information System Life Cycle and those activities can benefit from the value brought by the cloud in terms of efficiency, flexibility and cost. Sogeti provides Development in the Cloud, Agile Development in the Cloud, Testing in the Cloud and Business Intelligence in the Cloud. Each service is delivered with its infrastructure, tooling environment and proven methodologies.

Why Sogeti?

We understand information technology
We have been delivering customized IT services for the last 40+ years. We service several tens of thousands of customers in over 15 countries, where we make technology work for them. All our tech-nology decisions are aligned with our understanding of business stakes. Our business understand-ing is built on the close relationships our local teams build with our clients .

We understand infrastructure
The Cloud provides standardization, virtualization and automation of service provisioning and control. With over 3,000 global architects/technologists, we know how to optimize infrastructure.

We understand applications
The Cloud aims to deliver applications as a service. With our 10,000 developers, we have a wide and deep understanding of all types of applications, using all technologies and leveraging appropriate methods (DYA).

We understand software quality
The Cloud allows fast implementation and roll-out; therefore it requires a strong focus on quality. With 3,000 test consultants and quality experts, we know how to produce robust applications.

We understand architecture
Success in the cloud requires fo-cusing strongly on architecture and adopting methods for delivering predictable results. We have strong knowledge about enterprise architecture based on SOA.

We understand migration and integration
We are independent from technology vendors. Driven by business stakes, we propose the best technologies fitting their needs. We have developed dedicated methodologies for supporting migration tasks (Mikado) and testing activities (TMap, TPI).

We understand service management
The Cloud pushes a “All in the Box” paradigm that emphasizes the need for strong and transparent service management. With 500+ highly-trained Service Management consultants, we manage the services of several millions users all over the world.

We have a strong ecosystem
The Cloud requires the integration of different technologies. With IBM and Microsoft, our two strategic alliances, we have early access to best of breed technologies and expertise which cover all components of information systems. We have also deployed our own cloud platforms for producing demonstrations, proof of concept and pilots.


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Our Services

Journey to the Cloud
A bespoke cloud strategy for your business including our Cloud Discovery Day

Development in the Cloud
A secure and integrated Cloud application solution

Smart Platforms for the Cloud
Implementing a Cloud-compatible IT framework

Collaborating in the Cloud
Creating collaborative environments for business

Smart Security in the Cloud
Building confidence through risk management

Cloud-enabled Software Testing as a Service
On-demand, flexible and pay-per-use software testing using a cloud-based test infrastructure solution

Microsoft Cloud Solutions by Sogeti

IC2 - Innovation Cloud Center
Sogeti's International Platform decicated to Microsoft Cloud Computing

IBM Cloud Solutions by Sogeti

Sogeti Cloud Demo Center
A Cloud Center based on IBM CloudBurst