High Tech & Global Engineering

Sogeti High Tech and our Global Engineering Services offer thousands of experts and a full-range portfolio for the benefit of our clients across the world.

Sogeti High Tech

Sogeti High Tech is a worldwide group in Engineering and Technology Consulting.

With more than 25 years of experience, Sogeti High Tech provides expertise and Know-how to Aeronautics, Aerospace, Defence, Energy, Transport, Telecom and Life Sciences industrial actors. To meet the market requirements, Sogeti High Tech has developed a wide range of expertise which relies on the R&D department, High Tech Labs, a real innovations incubator.

In a close partnership with its clients, Sogeti High Tech develops and industrialises solutions of high value-added in Internet of Things, collaborative Multi-agent Systems, Big Data and Cyber security. Sogeti High Tech is a centre of excellence in Systems Engineering, Physical Engineering, Software Engineering, Testing and Consulting.


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Global Engineering Services (GES)

Engineering from Art to Part. We partner with transportation, industrial products and energy companies to launch high-quality products, faster and at lower cost than ever before, by leveraging our strong offshore capabilities.

Intense competition is driving organizations to develop and launch new products faster and at lower cost, while maintaining stringent quality standards. Sogeti and Capgemini bring you the robust outsourced R&D solutions needed to innovate more efficiently, and stay ahead of the competition.


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  • Dominique Lafond

    Dominique Lafond

    Sogeti High Tech
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  • Pascal Chevrol

    Pascal Chevrol

    GES Sales Executive
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