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Sogeti High Tech is among the top five market leaders in Engineering and Technology Consulting Services. With over 20 years of expertise, we undertake major technical and engineering innovation projects for the R&D departments of global industrial firms. 

Over 3000 High Tech experts are available to add value and to run your High Tech projects. The movie below explains Sogeti High Tech in 2 minutes. Watch it and find out how.


Expertise in systems engineering, industrial physics, testing & industrial services

Our expertise includes Research & Development, requirements, design, development, testing, integration and operational maintenance of complex systems. To meet your requirements efficiently, we have developed five business lines:

  • Consulting: to bring to you a structured analysis approach, also for proposing elaboration of methodologies, knowledge deployment, tools or technologies settled by industrial actors based on experience and technical skills in engineering and software domains.

  • Systems Engineering: to support you on the right procedures of all the steps of product lifecycle: from the requirements analysis to systems integration and validation, the maintenance and RAMS (Reliability - Availability - Architecture - Safety), through operational studies, prototyping, system simulation and architecture.

  • Physical Engineering: to offer services in research, methods, design, and simulation: studies, design and simulation in domains such as structure and fluid mechanics, thermal, acoustic, mechanical and electrical systems, tools and digital manufacturing.

  • Software Engineering: to develop or customize embedded, real-time, critical, scientific or supervision software, and accompanying you in the setting up of the PLM information systems.

  • Testing: to accompany you from the set up of your testing strategy to the results analysis and the proposed evolution through physical testing and required means to conduct tests.

Benefiting from the best practices in your sector

Our technical expertise and specialization in the sectors of aeronautics, aerospace, transport, energy and telecom boost  the added value of our solutions. Our worldwide network of business units enables us to exchange and share the best practices of any given industrial sector. It makes it possible for us to offer you top quality solutions to support your business requirements and to anticipate technical evolutions.

A complete range of solutions to foster innovation

We designed seven business-driven solutions to help you in your innovation process:

  • Program Management
  • Testing 
  • Security
  • Embedded Software 
  • Mobile & Machine-to-Machine (M2M)
  • Simulation
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Tech Data (Technical Documentation)

Our strategic offerings are continuously updated by a community of experts. They provide a pragmatic, flexible and innovative methodology to meet our clients’ business requirements. These solutions offer a wide range of expertise and can be delivered on-site, via fixed price contracts, or off-site through one of our service centers.

Program Management: Management of call for bids, technological benchmarks, precognition for progress plans or necessary transformations are part of our support services. We optimize et securise our projects and programs by our PMO in order to enable you to control schedules, costs follow-up, due dates, resources and risks.

Testing: We measure maturity level of test processes, structure it and improve it in a risk management perspective by reducing the risk of failures as well as improving the quality of deliverables. We realize your software, systems and physical tests.

Security: We are able to evaluate the vulnerability to intrusion and external disruption of your systems or products, thus helping you detect flaws, integrate critical element form the start and guarantee the sturdiness of your product.

Embedded Software: We develop and guarantee the maintaining in operational conditions, for lower level and real time software, critical and non critical, thus optimizing the use of your product’s hardware resources.

Mobility & M2M: We offer to our clients a complete support to create, develop and act on e-object management solutions: monitoring and remote maintenance, remote measure, energy optimization, automation and security.

Simulation: We offer a complete range of simulation services for physical engineering built on 20 years of experience in the aeronautical industry. The speed and the accuracy of calculations are optimized by using of state-of-the-art PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) tools.

PLM: We intervene on consulting and audit missions for your systems, notably in technical data management (Product Data Management), management of simulation data, validation of your products performance, data migration and systems customization.

Tech Data: Our teams make the technical documentation of your products, at controlled and competitive prices, using the latest tools on the market and by domesticating normative environments such as ATA 100, S1000D or ATA ispec 2200.

Strategic Alliances

Being in the forefront of innovation is key. By combining our own entrepreneurial expertise with access to the latest technology from our strong alliance partners Mi-crosoft, IBM and Dassault Systèmes we create direct and immediate benefits for our customers.

The strategic alliance between Dassault Systèmes and Sogeti High Tech is a way to design customer-tailored solutions based on Dassault Systèmes state-of-the-art tools. Moreover unique engineering services elaborated within the above SID allow our customers to reap the benefits of this partnership in a very short time frame. 

Read more about our alliance with Dassault Systèmes 


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Sogeti High Tech
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Global reinforcement

Sogeti and Capgemini have launched an expanded Global Engineering Services offer to provide innovation and expertise in engineering and design processes worldwide, relying on a Rightshore® approach and a strong back-office in India.

Our Global Engineering Services

Powerful alliance

Read more about our alliance with Dassault Systèmes

Press release:
Read the press release about our alliance
with Dassault Systèmes

French focus on High Tech Engineering Services

Read more about our High Tech Engineering Services at our French High Tech website www.sogeti-hightech.fr.

Food for thought

Our High Tech book Virtual Concept > Real Profit with Digital Manufacturing and Simulation.

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