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Cyber Security

Economic activity is increasingly underpinned by technological developments that cannot and must not ignore security concerns. Sogeti offers a  complete range of IT security services, in order to protect your business, IT investments and brand.

In recent years there has been a significant increase in cyber attacks against the digital economy, sometimes very sophisticated, perpetrated by increasingly skilled ”hackers” or ”hacktivists“. Because most economic processes are now digital, insecurity is taking  an increasingly heavy toll on the economy:

  • attacks against the operation of sites and systems can result in several days lost business.
  • interception of electronic communications and intrusions in information systems can result in massive theft of sensitive corporate or customers information.
  • appropriation of confidential or personal data can cause serious harm to the reputation of the company and can cost tens of millions of Euros.
  • malicious access to digital industrial control systems could lead to major disasters.



Our Cyber Security Approach

Several innovative technologies are starting to be massively deployed in companies, because they meet the urgent needs expressed by company executives or professionals: remote access to information systems, cloud computing, use at work of personal computer equipment ("bring your own device") and generalized connection of production equipment to the corporate information system. 

However, the corporate security risks entailed by these developments are sometimes so great that deployment can only be organized as part of a well-managed security approach. Many companies are now upgrading their daily vigilance and are installing solutions designed for information protection and defense. The effectiveness of these actions is verified through audits and penetration tests (pentests) performed by qualified and trusted providers. A company that carries out this type of approach will be well protected against simple threats, which represent 99% of all observed attacks, and will drastically limit the damage caused by a sophisticated attack.

Our Services

We offer a full range of Cyber Security services. Below you will find an overview of our end-to-end response capabilities:

Read more about our services here.

Sogeti Assets

  • Unique capabilities from IT to OT (ICS, SCADA, embedded systems), leveraging our
    worldwide practice dedicated to Global Engineering Services.
  • Sogeti is the global leader in testing, bringing our experience to security testing with
    methods, capabilities & assets both in hardware and software.
  • 3 SOCs (Toulouse, Luxemburg, Mumbai) boosted by analytics services and an ability
    to support customers in building their own dedicated and optimized SOC.
  • R&D, ethical hacking teams and a Product Security Evaluation Center.
  • Agreements with, and recognition from, National Information Security Agencies.
  • Strategic alliances with IBM and Microsoft, and a strong network of international and
    national partners
  • References in all verticals: critical infrastructure’s owners, defense, aerospace, government, telco, finance, transportation, energy & utilities, health care, industry.
  • More than 1,000 security experts across the world at Sogeti and Capgemini.

Why choose Sogeti?

So in short, the maín reasons why you should choose Sogeti are:

  • Many years’ experience in the field of information system security
  • Comprehensive range of services designed to meet all security needs
  • High level Research & Development and security evaluation expertise
  • Well-established recognition by official bodies
  • We have created the Sogeti Cybersecurity Privilege Club for you to share ideas, challenges and solutions with companies around the world
  • We are fully independent from solutions suppliers and provides the best advice and solutions to suit each customers’ requirements
  • Our services can provide access to unparalleled insurance conditions


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For more information please contact your local Sogeti office. In addition you can also email us directly at cybersecurity@sogeti.com or contact:

Frédéric Beaufils
+33 6 07 43 23 81


Bernard Barbier appointed special advisor on Cyber Security and Cyber Defense by the Sogeti Group.

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