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Ideas are everywhere. And everyone should easily be able to share one's ideas with others. Social collaboration is all about processes and tools helping individuals to collaborate and share information to achieve a common goal.

Social collaboration is of big interest for organisations wanting to strenghten and push knowledge-sharing, competence development, innovation management and networking for the benefit of many, both internally and externally.

Todays websites are not only a tool for one-way communication. They are interactive and have active visitors, sharing knowledge, thoughts and ideas. Today's websites encourages commitment, dedication and last but certainly not least, innovation.

TeamPark is our methodology for implementing social collaboration platforms regardless of the technology you choose to build them on. To supply organisations with a strong social culture Sogeti has created a methodology consisting of four phases that can be carried out step-by-step and with the help of iterations. The first phase is to create awareness, followed by strategy, implementation and last byt not least the social push needed to create a living and vibrant platform.

In addition, TeamPark is also the name of our global, internal platform for social collaboration used around the Sogeti world since 2009.


Why Sogeti?

Sogeti brings business value to your investment in social collaboration and is a safe partner to use . We provide the expertise and due to our large portfolio we can cover your entire project from start to finish. And we walk the talk. Already in 2009 the Sogeti Group implemented its own social collaboration platform for all 20,000 employees in our 15 countries. Being among the very first companies in the world to use a social collaboration platform brings us a valuable experience that we can share with you as you decide to take your company into social business stage.  

Our expertise around social collaboration platforms is extensive involving state of the art platforms such as IBM Connections, Microsoft SharePoint and EPiServer.

We walk the talk. Read more about our own investment in social collaboration. An exiting journey with a lot of lessons learned that you can benefit from.

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Read about our social collaboration methodology in our book.

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