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Our passion for technology puts us in the forefront when it comes to thought leadership around technology innovations and the impact they have. To share our knowledge we have created SogetiLabs and VINT.


SogetiLabs gathers distinguished technology leaders from around the Sogeti world. It is an initiative explaining not how IT works, but what IT means for business.

The past decade has seen a fundamental shift in the axis of IT innovation, from technological innovation to business innovation. Previously, new IT systems were introduced at the high end of the economic spectrum by government and enterprise investment, before trickling down to small and medium businesses, the home office and ultimately consumers.

It would be simplistic and dangerous to assume that this so-called “consumerization of enterprise IT” has no business relevance. The CIO no longer has the monopoly over IT systems and their applications; from the office of the CEO to the factory floor, professionals are using technology in unexpected ways to drive productivity gains for the enterprise.

Today, consumer demand and expectations have reversed this course, with digital natives, early adopter adults, and small and medium business driving IT innovation:

  • engaging peers, customers, and suppliers directly through social software, or
  • transforming the rules of provisioning, development, and distribution on the cloud, or even
  • extending user experience to new devices, platforms, and interfaces.

A fundamental component of the Sogeti DNA is our passion for technology. Through the SogetiLabs website you will be able to interact and follow some of our technology leaders around the globe.

SogetiLabs global technology leaders, together with our trend lab VINT, a part of SogetiLabs, produces original research that can be downloaded on this website and offers an extensive online presence and a videotheque for inspiration.


Vision - Inspiration - Navigation - Trends. Making sense of new technology developments.

VINT is our global trend lab. VINT provides practical insight into the likely impact and innovative applications of new technologies for organizations worldwide. This valuable intelligence helps public and private sector enterprises to anticipate and plan for the complex dynamics of the future. The use of new technological developments is aimed at generating value that anticipates future developments. VINT brings together the talents and creativity of its technology experts in Amsterdam, Paris, Stockholm and Washington and is part of Sogeti, a leading provider of professional technology services.

In-depth research
At the heart of VINT is our belief that information technology is not important for its own sake. For all its complexity, it is not the features or even the claimed potential. Instead it is the use of technology that is fundamental; it is only the actual application and employment of technological innovations that can play their part in generating value for an organisation. And not all technology creates value!

So here’s the catch. Not surprisingly, successful technological developments and even more so, their practical uses are hard, if not nearly impossible, to predict. This is where VINT can provide insight, inspiration and direction. For VINT, prediction lies in getting beneath the statistics, exploring trends and patterns – human, social and technological – and applying common sense.

We’ve been publishing our research since 1994, always ensuring that all our books and publications are accessible to the non-technical and technical reader alike, and illustrated by many real-world examples.

Voicing an opinion
We also believe in stimulating dialogue and speaking out.
Not surprisingly, VINT are keen explorers of new media, contributing regularly to a number of media-related communities and sites. On the very active VINT blog you will find new opinions and insights regularly posted.

Story Telling
Two-way dialogue is essential to keep our thinking fresh, but more importantly to make sure that it is relevant and appropriate. We have no ambitions to inhabit ivory towers. We hold a number of symposia and events around the world each year, where we gather together renowned thinkers from business and academia, to share new ideas on the technological issues challenging business and society today.

Adding business value
VINT’s research can provide an alternative perspective or more comprehensive understanding of the dynamics, which can kick-start corporate strategic debate or act as a catalyst for ground-breaking thinking and action.


Part of the SogetiLabs and VINT’s success is due to the fact that we present a human face and are accessible! Contact us now to ask us a question, start a discussion, or contribute to our latest research.

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