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VINT Research 3: Things - The Fourth Industrial Revolution

VINT Research 2: Empathic Things

Intimate Computing from Wearables to Biohacking

VINT Research 2: Empathic Things - Intimate Computing from Wearables to BiohackingThis third report focuses on how the fourth stage of the Industrial Revolution is upon us due to the far reaching integration of Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT). This creates completely new opportunities as a result of new combinations of mental, physical and mechanical work by interne, sensors and embedded systems.

The authors examine the three main reasons for the manufacturing and process industry to embark upon the IoT adventure:

  • The benefits of human-machine interaction (M2M) as the basis of speed and intelligence.
  • The benefits of better maintenance: preferably Predictive Maintenance.
  • The benefits of engagement or customer interaction: humans and machines in Smart Factories and beyond.

Three key recommendations are made to speed up the OT and IT integration:

  • Place IT-OT integration on your digital transformation agenda
  • Look at your operation through telecom eyes and ask the right questions
  • Configure a new IT-OT sector

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