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In these economically, competitively and environmentally challenging times it is imperative for manufacturers large and small to innovate further towards a seamlessly integrated fabric of information technology, digital manufacturing, simulation, robotics and physical production. The title of this book, “Virtual Concept > Real Profit with Digital Manufacturing and Simulation,” expresses this need. In five chapters the book discusses the various topics and issues that are central to the implementation and development of digital manufacturing and simulation. 

The first “Welcome” chapter presents key concepts, needs and issues. These further are explored in four other chapters: “Crash Course,” “Challenges,” “Further Benefits” and “Epilogue on Vision and Reality.” Every chapter starts off with an introductory appetizer and concludes with a clear summary of the issues and solutions addressed. In between interviews with industry expert practitioners offer real-life insight. "Virtual Concept  >  Real Profit with Digital Manufacturing and Simulation" is a joint effort of Dassault Systèmes and Sogeti High Tech, explains co-author Jaap Bloem, Senior Analyst at the Sogeti Research Institute VINT.

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Photos of the authors:
Yves Coze, Nicolas Kawski, Torsten Kulka, Pascal Sire, Philippe Sottocasa, Jaap Bloem

Order the book on www.virtual-real.com.