Sogeti India DevSecOps Hackathon 2021



Are You Ready To “Hack” Into The Future?

Sogeti has always nurtured a culture of innovation; a free space where creativity thrives and ideas bloom. And what better way to invigorate the maker spirit than a competition which brings together brilliant minds and pits them against one another.

We are happy to announce the Sogeti India DevSecOps Hackathon 2021 and invite all the creative minds and problem solvers to re-imagine the future with us. Think and build innovative solutions that will transform Healthcare, Automotive, Cloud, Infra, and other industries in the next few years.  Curious? Want to know more? Then read on.

What’s in it for YOU?

DevSecOps Hackathon will not only be a medium to showcase your technical prowess, but also provide you with a competitive, yet collaborative work environment to churn your brains to come up with the best possible solutions to client problems. Let’s dive deep into the DevSecOps learning pool to catalyse your idea generation and boost skills while you also grab some exciting prizes.


Choose your Theme

We present to you the themes of the Hackathon.

Choose your theme, develop a solution and see your ideas turning into reality.

Theme 1 – DevSecOps in Healthcare and Insurance, Automotive and Banking domain

How DevSecOps can help speed up developing innovative solution for Industry by -

  1. Automating Regulatory Compliances
  2. Defining/automating Industry specific policies
  3. Exploring out-of-the-box solutions in Azure, AWS, GitHub etc.
  4. Developing MVPs/tools/utilities to speed up the process
  5. PoVs/PoCs in upcoming trends/needs

Role of DevSecOps to speed up cloud transformations through automation in -

  1. Azure/AWS DevSecOps
  2. GitHub Action & Workflow
  3. Cost Aware Architectures
  4. Cloud Economics

Explore possibilities to create MVCs, PoCs, PoVs around Infra and Security domains using -

  1. Security tools & offerings (secure architecture, security by design etc.)
  2. Personal data protection/security as idea
  3. Secure development practices
  4. Pipeline setup and monitoring as-a-service
  5. DevSecOps offerings in Infra domain

Sogeti is one of the best in Software Testing domain, intent is to showcase best practices, case studies on Continuous Testing domain of DevSecOps in -

  1. Test Automation trends, practices and accelerators
  2. Continuous testing
  3. Agile ADMNext
  4. Explore to develop more MVCs/accelerator in this areas

Evaluation Criteria (Weightage/Value Distribution)

gaming-icon-60x60.pngSOLUTION COMPLETENESS
Value/weight: 25%


  • Does the idea have clear business, architecture, tool blueprint and demo able solution ready?

Value/weight: 25%


  • How does the idea leverage the new age technologies like AI/ML to bring in the efficiency and automation?
  • Does the solution leverage latest & greatest feature from partner platform/technology?
  • Does it use a particularly innovative technique, or many different components?

gaming-icon-60x60.pngPROLIFERATION POTENTIAL
Value/weight: 25%


  • Can this idea be industrialized and taken to many customers? The more the scalability/applicability, the better.

gaming-icon-60x60.pngBUSINESS CASE
Value/weight: 25%


  • Is the solution desirable, feasible, viable and sustainable?
  • Does the idea has clear hypothesis and business benefits identified?


Sponsored prizes to blow your mind away and every bit worth fighting for:

  • First Prize – MAC Book Air or equivalent, one for each participant in the team
  • Second Prize – MSI Gaming laptop or equivalent, one for each participant in the team
  • Third Prize – iPad/iPhone or equivalent, one for each participant in the team

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Expert Connect

Introducing ‘Expert Connect’ – a series of sessions where you can get an understanding of DevSecOps, learn the nuances, build knowledge, and become future ready. Sogeti guides and industry experts will facilitate the sessions and disseminate ideas to innovatively solve real-life customer problems.

Here is the list of the sessions we have in store for you:
Date Time (IST) Topic Speaker(s) Organisation Registration Link
Oct 28 6-7 pm Securing Enterprise applications with DevSecOps

Rajshekar Dasari,

Application Security Practice Manager

Micro Focus

Click here
Oct 29 6-7 pm Securing cloud application with DevSecOps

Rohit Baryha,

AppSec Solution Architect

Micro Focus

Click here
Oct 29 4-5 pm Safe Agile DevSecOps

Rammilan Yadav,

Agile-DevOps Solution Architect & Center Lead


Click here
Nov 26 5-6 pm Coding Dojos for GitHub Action and workflow

Prasanta Kumar Mohanty,

Agile-DevOps Senior Solution Architect


Click here
Nov 15 4-5 pm GitHub Overview

From Microsoft


Click here
Nov 15 6-7 pm Azure DevOps

From Microsoft


Click here
Nov 16 4-5 pm GitHub Actions & workflows

From Microsoft


Click here
Nov 17 4-5 pm Security

From Microsoft



Click here




Register for the thought-provoking and enriching sessions and become a DevSecOps master! Please visit this section regularly, as we add more sessions.


What is the objective of this Global Hackathon?

To ENCOURAGE Innovation and have fun! We also want to Ideate, Incubate and Innovate.

Come up with cool technical solutions for the problem statements provided.

Skill development is another objective. We are inviting industry leaders like Microsoft, GitHub, Microfocus etc. as sponsors and partners for this Hackathon. They will bring in the latest & greatest platforms, technology & tools in area of DevSecOps. There will be several hands-on training sessions in form of Coding Kebab, coding Dojos etc.

This Hackathon is for Sogeti and Capgemini India employees.

Yes. The rule is to have minimum 2 and maximum 4 participants per team.

No, the objective is collaboration, so a minimum of two people team is mandatory.

Yes, they absolutely can. Just select the themes while registering for the event. MULTIPLE entries are welcome, but each entry must be separately processed.

Yes, all teams need to register and submit their solutions/whitepapers by EOD your local time on November 6, 2021. This will give some time for the source code repositories to be created on GitHub or other repository.

Registrations: before October 20, 2021
Entry submission: before November 6, 2021
Hackathon Finale: December 2 or 3, 2021

You can see the prizes here: See Prizes

No, it will be a virtual judging process.

The teams are expected to mandatorily provide Idea details, High level Architecture, Tool blueprint and source code/API for their solutions, checked into the GitHub OR similar repository provided on the portal. Other optional deliverables such as PPT, videos, images or documents can also be uploaded directly on the portal.

We will provide you with a GitHub or similar repository link.

Yes, with appropriate attribution.

No, the entire idea need not be fully implemented, but the submission should be functional so that it can be reviewed by the judges.

No, only the team leader can login from their account and do the application submission.

Yes, with approval from the partners – contact CORP, Sogeti Hackathon for trial licencing.

Winners will be announced on the date of the finals – December 2 or 3, 2021.

Yes, in fact that is encouraged and would give extra points to the team.

Yes, the participant needs to zip all this stuff and upload a single zip file into the upload box in the portal. The maximum file size limit for the upload is 200 MB.

Yes. We recommend you use Trello Boards and Microsoft Teams Sites for this event.

Yes, with approval from the partners – contact CORP, Sogeti Hackathon for trial licencing.

This effort will be outside of working hours, so no reporting is required.


  • The Sogeti India DevSecOps Hackathon 2021 is open to Sogeti and Capgemini India employees.

  • Participants need to form a team with a minimum size of 2 members and a maximum of 4.

  • Registrations for the hackathon will close on October 20, 2021.

  • Each team must select a leader, a team name, and Register on this site by submitting their details in the registration form. The team leader needs to provide a “Unique Team name” when registering. Please enter all the names of the team members in the team details.

  • Each team can have more than one entry (a new registration will be required for each entry), but if they get through to the semi-finals they will have to choose a single entry to move further.

  • Zip it up! For submissions that include PPTs, videos, documents and images, the participant needs to zip everything and upload a single zip file to the upload box in this Teams folder. The maximum file size limit for the upload is 200 MB (executable files are not allowed).

  • For queries/support on this event, please contact us.

  • Teams can use libraries, frameworks, or open-source code in their projects.

  • All entries must be original through a self-declaration. No plagiarism.