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6 predictions for cybersecurity in 2019

Thomas Fillaud, VP, Global Head of Cybersecurity at Sogeti gives his six cybersecurity predictions for 2019 and says that there are many more; in a rapidly-changing security landscape.

cybersecurity predictions


1. Expect an increase in the value of humans

No matter how much you invest in technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation, without good people to focus on the main attacks and ensure system continuity, the cybercriminals will hit you hard. I predict a strong move away from cybersecurity driven by technology vendors towards more human-centric partnerships along the cybersecurity lifecycle, with SOCs and incident response teams peopled by highly professional analysts and cybersecurity experts. However, with skills shortage being a continuing concern, companies will need to up-skill existing teams and seek out new talent.

2. The demand for orchestration & automation will grow

With cybercriminals having seemingly unlimited resources, organizations continue to adopt new technology and automated approaches to support their human resources in response to the threat. This will lead to a rise of orchestration deep inside IT systems. Security operations will no longer be separate from IT systems, rather they will be integrated into them in order to efficiently tackle a cyber-crisis.

3. AI and Analytics will enable greater efficiency

Even the smartest and most analytical human cybersecurity professionals can’t do it all. So, to counter the rise in cyber threats, we will see an increased use of AI in reducing the number of false positives – whittling down millions or even billions to a manageable number and driving a more efficient human response.

4. Cloud and DevOps will drive a new approach to cybersecurity

IT systems are moving to the cloud. Applications are pushed into production faster than ever. The ‘Internet of Everything’ (IOT) is creating a need for security professionals to find new ways of protecting business. Data is no longer held on traditional IT systems, rather it is on IT infrastructure in the cloud, partners’ systems and on end users’ devices. In this unstable, open, interconnected world, enterprises will be looking beyond their own systems to provide cybersecurity in a more agile way. We will see the rise of ‘DevSecOps’ Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) technologies to support this new model.

5. Enterprises will become more proactive

Hackers and cybercriminals are persistent; and silent. They can stay on your network for months together before launching an attack. As awareness of this grows, I foresee enterprises taking a more proactive approach, using both threat intelligence and threat hunting. The former identifies what hackers want and can do and how they’ll do it while the latter identifies advanced persistent attacks before any damage is done.

6. Cybersecurity will become more collaborative

Few organizations can take a wholly isolated approach to defending their data, IT assets and I expect cybersecurity to become increasingly collaborative. Organizations will have to work with partners, suppliers, public bodies and specialist cybersecurity agencies, national CERTs etc. to exchange information on the evolving threat landscape. As a result, I anticipate more and more organizations will use threat intelligence exchange platforms.

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Jean-Marc Bianchini
Jean-Marc Bianchini
Global Head of Cybersecurity Services