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Big Data, Robots, Apocalypse and Profit Improvement

For years, I have been fascinated by the apocalyptical stories about computers and robots… and how they will steal jobs, replace ‘us’, improve themselves, rule the world, then eliminate “us,” etc. etc.!

Of course there has been few ‘stray incidents’, with some HFT bots missing the point and losing billions, a military robot going berserk and shooting bullets at friendly soldiers, a popular social network announcing a teen pregnancy, showing lack of diplomacy.

However, most of these so-called ‘fears’ have more to do with us than the technology itself. About us ‘engineers’, as we are not exactly law specialists but think that we can establish laws for such machines, instead of working with and understanding how law specialists function; about us ‘humans’ with existential doubts about our own relevance; and also, about us ‘citizens’, lost in the global / micro / macro economy. [...]


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Claude Bamberger
Claude Bamberger
Information systems architect
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