Cloud Predictions for 2022

CLOUD CLOUD What does the world of QA and Testing hold for us in 2022? Mark Buenen, Global Leader, Digital Assurance and Quality Engineering, Capgemini Group, predicts five trends for the coming year and beyond.

CLOUD CLOUD While each of the trends I predict for 2022 is important in its own right, it’s only when viewed holistically that the true picture of an evolving QA and Testing landscape can be seen. Of course, while a trend such as the growing use of artificial intelligence is always going to garner more excitement than others, it remains just part of the overall story.

CLOUD CLOUD In summary

These predictions are not going to suddenly change the QA and testing landscape; rather they represent an evolving picture. In fact, all of these predictions are already underway, with each area growing in strength over time. I expect to see continuous improvement and broadening of scope where applicable, not just in 2022 but beyond. As the role of quality engineer continues to develop, all five areas should be viewed holistically to generate benefit and value.

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Mark Buenen
Mark Buenen
Global leader of Quality Engineering & Testing, Sogeti
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