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The Future of Coding

My kids don’t understand what I do for a living. To them “I work on the computer” and “I push buttons”.

Computer programming and designing apps that run on their PCs, tablets and phones is a concept that their Elementary aged minds just couldn’t seem to grasp. So, when the local coding community hosted an ‘Hour of Code’ day recently, I dragged them to it kicking and screaming.

Turns out they loved it.

Next thing you know they were writing basic code. Instead of playing with a joystick to control a robot they were changing variables and adding lines of code to program a Dash and Dot robot. They were even adding and editing lines of code to program games for popular characters like Star Wars and Frozen.

At one point my daughter made a mistake in her code and got frustrated and wanted to give up. I congratulated her and explained that mistakes are a part of coding and together we had fun debugging her code. [...]


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