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Thinking Devices in the Medical Domain: Looking to the Future

Since its inception, the medical devices industry has been through several stages of innovation. Historically, all medical devices were basically stand-alone instruments like stethoscopes or thermometers, used either for diagnosis, monitoring or treatment.

Over time, this changed to automated but individual, discrete systems, typically used for personal health tracking applications such as for the measurement of blood pressure or blood sugar levels. Variants of these systems could be fully automated applications that measured specific data, processed it and displayed the resultant reading.

After this came discrete devices which not only measured and processed data but used the resulting reading as information for further processing. A classic example of these types of devices is fitness devices or wearables, which typically display multiple functionalities. The logical next step to this was the development of intelligent devices or devices which were no longer discrete systems but were connected to a larger, distributed network such as e-health or connected systems with mobile applications. Such a system might consist of a variety of devices, all of whose outputs, readings and recommendations one can access through ones mobile. [...]


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