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Workplace Generation Wars

Next time you go to the coffee machine, please take a look and try to determine the different generations you work with. Feel free to take some time.

Baby-boomers, Gen X-ers, Gen Y-ers, etc. Can you see how those generations are co-habitating among your business world? Although underlying, it is a true Workplace generation war!

But before we go deeper into this battlefield, let me first define myself. I’m a pure Gen X-er, MTV Generation to be exact. During my cursus I had to manage both younger and older people. Still the case today by the way. Moreover, dealing with pre-sales activities, I go and visit my customers, mainly to understand their business needs and so I have to scrutinize within many working environments and human habits.

Almost each time I hear from (yet a new) professional relation issue (quite often I have to say), I feel a massive and tough shift growing day by day and everywhere. Relations among the generations are getting at a very low point. Why? Some irremediable facts. [...]


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