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Zero touch – out of touch?

As the DevOps trend goes on and transformations are in full-swing I stumbled upon the zero touch trend. New, well not really, although not to me at least. For those less familiar with it, in a really tiny nutshell to me this is zero touch testing;

“A zero-touch lab is where any engineer, at any time, anywhere, can call upon a virtual resource to test, and virtual resources to test with” according to

So services are virtualized and off course the strive is to maximize automation. In a discussion last year with Ben Visser (a fellow within SogetiLabs and my mentor for many years) we agreed that 100% (test) automation is not a good idea.

As we all know machines or tools, don’t have empathy yet and they simply miss a ‘human touch’ so to speak. That is why for instance, there is no automated exploratory test yet or an exploratory unit test.

In my opinion,[...]

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Zero touch – out of touch?