TMap NEXT in Scrum

Authors: Leo van der Aalst and Cecile Davis

TMap NEXT in Scrum
Leo van der Aalst and Cecile Davis

TMap NEXT in ScrumSogeti’s TMap NEXT in scrum publication explains how concepts such as “lean,” “agile” and “scrum” can be applied in practice. The integration of the TMap NEXT® methodology with Scrum is described in two ways; first, for organizations that are familiar with TMap® and want to apply it in a scrum environment; and secondly, for organisations that already work in a scrum environment. It shows how to integrate TMap® in this environment, using concrete practical examples for additional clarity. In this book Sogeti also shows that software testing is an integral part of a Scrum approach and not a separate process.

The book is available in several versions – ePub, Softcover and pdf.

Visit the bookstore: TMap NEXT in Scrum.


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