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The contest is over!
Watch out for the next edition of Sogeti Codefest in 2022.

Sogeti Codefest

The challenge asked “Have you got what it takes to prove you’re the best by competing against other talented developers & Coders ?” There was only one way to find out... by joining our Codefest during the Summer of 2021.

Sogeti launched this exciting 10-day challenge in 13 countries: UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, USA and India

Competitors played, practiced, and demonstrated their skills as they challenged other participants.


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We used CodinGame, a challenge-based training and recruitment platform for programmers and developers. This contest was a multiplayer, AI programming competition for which participants had 10 days to develop an autonomous bot able to play a given game. Over 450 people registered and we had over 350 participants across the 13 Sogeti countries, competing to win exciting prizes and an opportunity to pursue a career at Sogeti.


Congratulation to the winners!

First Place : Paul Berhaut France

Second Place : Jo Lindien France

Third Place: Erik Kvanli Norway

How it worked

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This contest was a multiplayer AI programming competition in which developers were given 10 days to develop an autonomous bot, able to play a given game. The contest ran from July 26, 2021 ending August 4, 2021. The rankings were calculated using a TrueSkill-like rating system. New battles were launched with each new submission, and participants could submit as much as they liked.

  1. Select one of 25+ languages.
  2. The code editor, some default code will be provided to get you started.
  3. Control the game action here or with the keyboard.
  4. Press the gear icon to open the viewer’s options.
  5. The game’s statement, scroll down to read the rules.
  1. The console, a turn by turn display of all outputs.
  2. Press PLAY MY CODE to run your code against the test AI.
  3. Press TEST IN ARENA to launch ranked battles against other participants.
    You can test as much as you like!
  4. Press DELETE to remove an AI from the test area.
  5. Press the PLUS button to add another participant AI to the test area.

Awesome prizes

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