From audit based to continuous validation and other practices cloud teams adopt

The 4th ASQF Net Week will take place from April 26 - 30, 2021.

Date: April 26, 2021
Time: 5-5.45 PM CET
Language: English

Join us in shifting to autonomous, product-aligned teams that use continuous delivery practices, DevOps toolchains, and cloud hosting to accelerate product delivery, improve developer velocity and system quality.​

This session will inform and guide how successful teams adopt platforms, innersource and making the ‘right’ thing to do also the ‘easy’ thing.




Clemens Reijnen, Sogeti Global CTO Cloud and DevOps leader, creative thinker, solution and service builder. 20+ years of success with complex innovative software systems. Innovate on DevOps and to move to the Cloud and build Cloud services.