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Fast & frequent – Get ready to align your test automation with the accelerated SAP release cycle

There’s been plenty of advance warning about the changes underway at SAP. Yet many companies are still unprepared for the impact of upgrading their SAP ERP solutions with cloud-based applications. Will your approach to Quality Assurance still work at the accelerated pace of SAP’s innovation releases?

Techflix 2 Series 3 Episode 1

Episode: Fast & frequent – Get ready to align your test automation with the accelerated SAP release cycle

Length: 45 min


Too many SAP clients are ill-equipped to test at the speed and frequency demanded by the new SAP release cycles. This is a big problem. That’s because typically SAP applications represent the ‘digital core’ of your organization. They are crucial for key business processes. 

The changes to the SAP architecture and solutions will have a significant impact on all IT levels, from database technology to end-user and IoT devices. But manual testing remains the norm in enterprises that have become used to the stable, slow changing SAP environment. This has to change. Fast.

This episode will ask:

  • Why is a traditional Quality Assurance approach relying on manual tests no longer enough?
  • What value does intelligent test automation bring to the transformed SAP landscape?
  • Where to start, what to prioritize and how to create a sustainable automation solution that delivers real business value?
  • How do you check the potential business impact of changes in a more complex process landscape with an increasing number of devices and IoT access points?



Michiel Boreel
Michiel Boreel
Group Chief Technology Officer of Sogeti
Wout Boer
Wout Boer
Manager IT Quality, Neste
Stefan Gerstner
Stefan Gerstner
VP Quality Engineering & Testing, Sogeti
Rohit Chandra
Rohit Chandra
Service Manager, Sogeti

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