techflix 2 Series 5 Episode 1

Your Digital Assistant – Say hello to your new co-worker

Now, more than ever, organizations are looking to weed out process and operating inefficiencies and drive sustainable business growth. From banks and insurers, to supply chain operators, finance teams and HR departments, companies and business functions are discovering the power of automation to achieve this.

Techflix 2 Series 5 Episode 1

Episode: Your Digital Assistant – Say hello to your new co-worker

Date: October 20, 2020

Time: 15:00 - 15:45 CEST / 9:00 - 9:45 EDT



Organizations that do not have automation and artificial intelligence (AI) as part of their digital strategy will struggle to keep up with their peers or competitors in the foreseeable future.

Modern bots – or Digital Assistants – bring together automation and AI with analytics to intelligently handle all manner of tasks. How do you build, manage, and maintain bots quickly and cost effectively?

Like your human workers, bots need constant nurturing. In fact, many organizations are creating more human-like personas for their bots. You don’t simply install them and walk away. Changes to software, such as patches and upgrades, new policy requirements, or additional layers of security have to be accommodated in your bot estate.

This episode will discuss:

  • How do you calculate ROI on your automation strategy before you commit?
  • Why bots are a great business asset – but not all bots are equal
  • How do you balance your human and automated workforce for optimal value?
  • The options for minimizing your CapEx in bots with a move to an OpEx model
  • How the bot service industry is maturing – and what it means for you



Michiel Boreel
Michiel Boreel
CTO, Sogeti Group
Drayton Wade
Drayton Wade
Strategic Partner Director, UiPath
Balaji Rajagopalan
Balaji Rajagopalan
Global Lead Automation & AI, Sogeti

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