Creating the Digital Enterprise

Webinar stream: Creating the Digital Enterprise

On 8th of December 2016, we aired a webinar about Creating the Digital Enterprise. Here is the recorded stream.

Many companies are asking: “What does a digital version of our organization look like?”, and the answer may even have impact on core business models.

Creating the Digital Enterprise is a transformative journey on which companies get closer to customers in a true omnichannel context, better understanding preferences and expectations. It’s a journey where real-time analytics enhance both the organization’s strategic thinking and immediate actions. Innovation-readiness embraces new accelerators such as Internet-of-Things, machine learning, virtual reality, in an open and collaborative spirit. Digital quality assurance is embedded into development processes using a high degree of automation, enabling both quality and speed.

About the speakers

Andreas Sjostrom is leading Sogeti's Global Digital Practice. He is focusing on shaping market leaders through delivering digital solutions relevant in our customers' transformation initiatives, enabling increased customer satisfaction through solutions that provide best-in-class customer experiences.

Adding expertise to this webinar is also Sandeep Sachdeva, Global BI & Analytics Lead at Sogeti, Mark Buenen, Global QA & Testing Lead at Sogeti and Massimo Pascotto, Head of Innovation at airline SAS. 

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Creating the Digital Enterprise
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