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SogetiLabs India is proud to present the Innovation Hackathon 2023 in partnership with MongoDB. It is a powerful way to generate value-driven ideas by bringing out impactful solutions for the challenges faced by our customers. We invite thinkers and innovators like you to work on real-life business scenarios and impress our panel with out-of-the-box solutions.


With the rapid change in technologies, businesses need to lay the groundwork for a future-proof operation by adopting key digital assets and develop a roadmap that conforms to their innovation needs and contemporary technology developments. Sogeti has always nurtured a culture of innovation; a free space where creativity thrives and ideas bloom.

Hackathon objectives


Ready to take your innovation game to the next level? Join us at the Innovation Hackathon 2023! Step up with your ideas, passion, and creativity and make a real difference with the problems you solve. With an unbeatable mix of fun challenges and inspiring talks from industry experts, this is the Hackathon you don't want to miss!

Join the Hackathon and lead the change!

Partner Information


We are thrilled to announce our partnership with MongoDB, which is a leading developer data platform provider. MongoDB is an open-source, highly scalable NoSQL database, which uses document-oriented data and supports a rich query language. The platform enables developers to create advanced distributed applications with exceptional performance and scalability.

You must utilize the free-to-use MongoDB Community edition that is offered to participants to create the Hackathon Solution. If you find that you need to bring your Solution up to production standards, MongoDB will supply you with MongoDB Atlas (Commercial Version) Credit to help you do so. The solution can be built using any MongoDB component, such as Mongo Shell, MongoDB Connector, MongoDB Atlas, MongoDB Stitch, MongoDB Charts, MongoDB Compass, etc.

You should use your Capgemini email id to register for the same and can download the community version from here.

Choose your Hackathon challenge

1. Unified digital platform

Exploring the multi-cloud/poly-cloud adoption services convenience through just one unified platform.

Areas to consider:

  1. Multi-cloud management, whereby workloads are updated and managed on different environments with the same security and policy settings
  2. Management of decentralized computing power using multi-cloud, hybrid, and edge capabilities
  3. FinOps to optimize cloud usage
  4. Sustainability management and reporting
  5. Cloud Agnostic Security, industry-specific regulatory and compliance standard framework

Role of Agile & DevSecOps to speed up digital transformations.

Areas to consider:

  1. Metrics telemetry - unified dashboard (Project Management, Engineering & People)
  2. DevSecOps ensures fully integrated security, considering security at an earlier stage in the system development cycle – a concept known as ‘shift left’
  3. Increase the efficiency of writing code with the help of ‘AI pair programmer’
  4. Use of Autonomous Quality Enablement Bots & AI to ensure Quality Engineering keeps pace with accelerated development

How can advanced analytics and AI support businesses to make faster, more informed and precise decisions, reducing uncertainty by delivering the right information at the right time.

Areas to consider:

  1. Harvesting data and transforming it into actionable insights that demand new data models
  2. Increased integration of BI and AI, for predictive AI capability within BI analytics solutions, enabling it to review past, present, and future
  3. Conversational, semi-structured BI approaches (such as ThoughtSpot, Looker, and AWS QuickSight), deliver analytics to users in a conversational fashion
  4. Apply AI within quality and test activities, to build truly intelligent test and validation systems

Business-driven approach to identify, vet, and automate as many business and IT processes as possible. Automate everything that is repetitive.

Areas to consider:

  1. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  2. Low code development
  3. Process mining
  4. Create AI-based engine for problem prediction, problem resolution & fix applications
  5. Self-healing with Robotics & AI
  6. AI based Ops & Performance Management
  7. NoOps autonomous, self-healing, and self-maintaining systems

IT-business relationship to undertake digital transformation that leads to ‘fusion’ instead of ‘alignment’.

Areas to consider:

  1. Industry-specific clouds and cross-industry solutions for healthcare, energy, supply chains, finance & more
  2. Service-oriented architecture and integration strategies that rely on standardized Industry APIs add another layer of agility at the software level, where it becomes significantly easier to leverage off-the-shelf functionality as a service
  3. Quality testing that goes beyond measuring and preventing defects in production, to measuring impact on business outcomes and customer satisfaction

How Industry 4.0 brings value and efficiency to the business to Smart factory & connected device use cases using the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud.

Areas to consider:

  1. Optimize Industry-specific processes like logistics and supply chains using connected supply chain
  2. Edge computing & cloud integration, whereby public cloud providers offer services that make enable running workloads in a multi-cloud management format, regardless of the underlying cloud platform
  3. Quality Engineering for emerging technologies

Evaluation Criteria

Team submissions will be evaluated by a panel of technology and Innovation leaders, including external experts on the following metrics:


Value / weight: 25%

Can the solution be implemented with current technology? How difficult will it be to create an MVP and deploy it at scale?

Can this idea be industrialized and taken to many customers? The more scalability/applicability, the better.


Value / weight: 25%

How technically feasible is the solution?

Does it use a particularly innovative technique or many different components?

Does the technology involve a partner's collaboration and if so, which features of the partner's ready solutions does it use? Did it use new technologies or leverage our partner ecosystem, and was there learning involved?


Value / weight: 25%

Does the idea have a clear hypothesis and business benefits identified?

Does the solution appeal to a wide range of industries? How unique is the solution?


Value/weight: 25%

Does the idea have a clear business, architecture, tool blueprint, and demo-able solution ready?

At a minimum, teams will be required to submit a pitch deck that includes:

  1. Product or Service Overview
  2. Architecture Sketches
  3. Storyboards and Journey Maps

Expert Connect

Launching "Expert Connect Sessions", a series of knowledge sessions intended to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the most recent technological advancements and how they are transforming the way we live and work. Our experts will share their knowledge and experiences on a variety of topics. Join us for these engaging and informative sessions, which are open to all Sogeti India employees.

Here is the list of all the sessions we have in store for you –

Date Time (IST) Topics Speaker(s) Entity Registration Links
Feb 13 3-4pm MongoDB for Advance analytics Prasad Pillalamarri - Director, Global Partner Presales View Session
Feb 14 3-4pm MongoDB for Emerging Technology Ramakrishna Kappagantalu - Senior Solution Architect View Session
Feb 15 3-4pm MongoDB for Unified Digital Platform Rashmi Nayak - Partners Solution Architect View Session
Feb 17 3-4pm Tricentis tool set and capability overview Sriram Vaidyanathan - Sr. Solution Architect View Session
Feb 20 3-4pm MongoDB for Industry Specific Solution Rayed Benbrahim - Partners Solution Architect View Session
Feb 21 3-4pm Live Demo on Tosca Sriram Vaidyanathan - Sr. Solution Architect View Session
Feb 21 4:30-5:30 pm Unified Digital Platform using AWS Container Services Amit Kumar - Senior Partner Solutions Architect - GSI Partner View Session
Feb 24 3-4pm Advanced Analytics using AWS Services Amit Kumar - Senior Partner Solutions Architect - GSI Partner View Session


In case you have missed participating in the Innovation Hackathon, you can still be a part of this innovative event by being a part of the Whitepaper and Blog Contest



What is the objective of this Hackathon?

To ENCOURAGE Innovation and have fun! We also want to Ideate, Incubate and Innovate.

Come up with cool technical solutions for the problem statements provided.

Skill development is another objective. We are inviting many industry leaders as sponsors and partners for this Hackathon. They will bring in the latest & greatest platforms, technology & tools.

This Hackathon is for Sogeti India employees.

Yes. The rule is to have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 participants per team.

No, the objective is collaboration, so a minimum of two people team is mandatory.

Yes, they absolutely can. Just select the themes while registering for the event. MULTIPLE entries are welcome, but each entry must be separately processed.

Yes, all teams need to register by EOD your local time January 20, 2023.

Registrations: By January 30, 2023.

Hackathon Finale: End of March 2023 (exact date to be announced).

Details to come soon.

We are inviting all registrations/submissions online. The finalists will have to attend the finale in person. The location/agenda for the finale will be shared later.

The teams are expected to mandatorily provide Idea details, High-level Architecture, Tool blueprint, and source code/API for their solutions, checked into the GitHub OR similar repository provided on the portal. Other optional deliverables such as PPTs, videos, images, or documents can also be uploaded directly on the portal.

We will provide you with a GitHub or similar repository link. Details will be shared in the subsequent communication with the participants.

Yes, with appropriate attribution.

No, the entire idea need not be fully implemented, but the submission should be functional so that it can be reviewed by the judges.

No, only the team leader can login from their account and do the application submission.

Please contact the core team.

Winners will be announced on the finale – mid of March 2023.

Yes, all the members should be from India.

Yes, the participant needs to zip all this stuff and upload a single zip file into the upload box in the portal. The maximum file size limit for the upload is 200 MB.

Yes. We recommend you use Microsoft Teams Sites for this event.

Yes, with approval from the partners. For more queries, please contact the core team.

This effort will be outside of working hours, so no reporting is required.


  • The SogetiLabs India Innovation Hackathon 2023 is open to Sogeti India employees.
  • Participants need to form a team with a minimum size of 2 members and a maximum of 4.
  • Registrations for the hackathon will close on January 30, 2023.
  • Each team must select a leader, and a team name, and Register on this site by submitting their details in the registration form. The team leader needs to provide a “Unique Team name” when registering. Please enter all the names of the team members in the team details.
  • Each team can have more than one entry (a new registration will be required for each entry), but if they get through to the semi-finals, they will have to choose a single entry to move further.
  • Zip it up! For submissions that include PPTs, videos, documents, and images, the participant needs to zip everything and upload a single zip file to the upload box in this Teams folder. The maximum file size limit for the upload is 200 MB (executable files are not allowed).
  • For queries/support on this event, please contact the core team.
  • Teams can use libraries, frameworks, or open-source code in their projects.
  • All entries must be original through a self-declaration. No plagiarism.