Dutch government innovates in the field of BI in collaboration with Sogeti

The Radiocommunications Agency funded by the Dutch government, uses BI to perform faster, better and more efficiently. In 2013 Sogeti built a system, which unlocks different data sources. Sogeti coupled the usage data to the database of licenses issued, the database containing the antenna registry and database error messages.

The Radiocommunications Agency also continuously measures the use of ether in the Netherlands. They have 13 permanent monitoring stations and 25 cars equipped with mobile stations. The BI system Sogeti built makes it possible to send the cars on the road with a clear destination to keep costs down.

In addition, the agency traces GPS jammers – devices that interfere with signals from GPS satellites. This affects security, because the Dutch Defense forces also use GPS satellites, as a consequence the devices are illegal. At the touch of a button the Radiocommunications Agency can see where illegal devices are being used. To enable this, Sogeti built a special link between the Oracle BI system and the Matlab software that the agency uses.

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