Agile and IT Architecture part 2

The JIT-JEA in action!

Agile architecture is the art of designing and delivering the “right” solution – meeting the requirements, expectations and demands of the client – while being able to respond to change in any uncertain environment.

In January 2022 we delivered the first Capgemini Point Of View about Agile Architecture called “The JIT-JEA way of working”, introducing the concept of JIT-JEA: Just In Time, Just Enough Architecture.

In the first Point of View, we defined the five pillars of Agile Architecture: Just Enough Architecture, Just Enough Governance, Just Enough Documentation, Just In Time and In Iteration Size Chunk.

This second Capgemini Agile Architecture Point Of View called “JIT-JEA in Action!” is a collection of 10 different real life examples covering the five JIT-JEA pillars and principles, coming from the field of our architecture delivery projects.


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