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Mind the QA Gap... What does it take to achieve agile QA orchestration?

Speed to market with new ideas, innovations and highly available customer services is a tangible outcome of an agile DevOps approach. However, balancing this speed with quality is often a challenge in cross-functional DevOps teams. Too many enterprises risk jeopardizing quality of releases in favour of speed. How do you bridge this QA Gap?

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About Ideas in Action

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Ideas in Action is a unique virtual event series for business and technology leaders who have a keen eye on the future – and a keener focus on what’s practically possible today.

Presenting sessions covering both strategy and implementation, in which you can explore the impact of current and future trends and how to make new ideas a reality using existing and emerging technologies.


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You want to release software faster and with greater frequency than ever before. DevOps has become the enterprise standard for using agile to achieve this ambition. But it will only happen with carefully orchestrated Quality Assurance across all your DevOps teams – along with the right balance between accountability and autonomy. We call this the QA Gap that organizations need to bridge to achieve better, velocity, quality and security.

Quality is clearly now everyone’s responsibility, but who is accountable? The lines have blurred between teams when it comes to quality across the organization, execution, validation, and testing activities. We explore findings from our latest World Quality Report 2020-1 which points out that quality isn’t only the responsibility of QA teams, neither is it the sole responsibility of the IT function. Instead, the whole organization needs to understand its importance.

The reality is that without proper enablement and some guidance, teams often fail to implement continuous testing with adequate risk coverage in their continuous development and continuous integration (CI/CD) process. The result? Business performance and business outcomes are put at risk.

This webinar we will provide practical answers to key questions:

  • How can autonomous operating teams achieve a consistent, reliable and transparent levels of quality, without creating barriers?
  • How do you avoid failures in production that impact customer experience and business performance?
  • How do you continue to adjust to the impact of COVID-19
  • How do you ensure your teams are happy, sufficiently supported, and able to set up adequate agile testing and validation?
  • What does it take to achieve agile QA orchestration?

How to achieve an Agile Quality Culture?

Implicit in the adoption of agile and DevOps is a collaborative approach to business processes plus willingness to experiment and learn fast. Quality is everyone's responsibility.

Efficient and effective validation still requires a sound quality strategy, test approach and test technology. Not all team members are experts. Agile QE experts play a pivotal role to enable teams.

Agile QA Centers of excellence are perfect instruments to support the agile teams with guiderails, standards and specialist tasks.

We will discuss the blueprint for the agile QA organization, with best practices from client cases across the world, and how you can start with agile quality blueprints.

How to succesfully integrate test automation in CI/CD?

End to end Quality Automation in Agile/DevOps is a challenge for 44% of the agile organizations. And only 37% feel they see ROI from test automation. The average level of test automation is still low (<20%).

Issues are lack of stability of the application and lack of automation strategies. How to handle that? In-sprint test automation is possible, but it requires sound strategy. What to automate? And what technology to use?

With lack of guidance and absence of standard tool stacks organizations end up with plethora of tools. KPN is example where they provided a standard toolstack with support, to cover majority of testing.

Driving automation also requires setting expectations right, by setting meaningful targets. J&J, VMWare, DellEMC are examples where this worked out. Relevant partner technologies like Tricentis will be discussed.

What metrics and solutions enable QA transparency in agile enterprise?

Continuous transparency is a must for business owners and teams to know what and where to focus QA attention. Is the client value and business performance at risk?

Automated Data analytics is a critical and under-utilized asset in any organisaton. Data analytics offer the opportunity to deliver insights regarding customers, the organization or potentially adversaries and enable evidence-based decision making.

We will discuss the best practices and the standards for quality dashboarding and quality indicators that can make a difference for your quality decisions.
Dell EMC, Humana, Eneco and potential third-party solutions such as Sealights, Octane, will be discussed.

How can agile teams drive testing and QA in smarter ways?

AI and ML are the biggest development areas for QA practices in coming 5 years. Smart solutions are essential to be able to deal with increasing interdependence with ever shorter timeframes. This is not utopia. We will discuss the current available solutions for smart QA, such as automatic decision making with Cognitive QA, automatic test case generation, automatic test data creation, and automatic test orchestration.

Best practices from KPN, Dell EMC, HSBC, Humana and potential third-party solutions such as Eggplant, Sealights, Applitools, Nutanics, Microsoft will be discussed.

Zero Touch Testing is the holy grail, and organizations need to start working on this now.


Meet our Leading International Experts

Mark Buenen

Global Leader of Quality Engineering & Testing Services at Capgemini Group

Sathish Natarajan

Vice President, Head of Quality Engineering & Testing, Sogeti and Capgemini North America

Antoine Aymer

Global Strategic Portfolio Director for Testing


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