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Beautiful delivery - Transform your digital delivery with product & feature teams

Product and Feature Teams contain pre-existing core team members ready to deliver business value by using standards and platforms. How to be productive on business value before lunch and deliver high quality applications.

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About Ideas in Action

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Ideas in Action is a unique virtual event series for business and technology leaders who have a keen eye on the future – and a keener focus on what’s practically possible today.

Presenting sessions covering both strategy and implementation, in which you can explore the impact of current and future trends and how to make new ideas a reality using existing and emerging technologies.


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See how teams collaboratively deliver business value by using standards and platforms.

Join us in shifting to autonomous, product-aligned teams that use continuous delivery practices, DevOps toolchains, and cloud hosting to accelerate product delivery and improve developer velocity.

This event will inform and guide you on how successful teams adopt platforms, InnerSource. Making the ‘right’ thing to do also the ‘easy’ thing to do.

We will provide practical answers to key questions:

  • How Digital Delivery evolves with Product and Feature Teams?
  • How to continuously improve and build trust?
  • What are the practices and key learnings, and solutions top performing organizations implement?

How Digital Delivery evolves with Product and Feature Teams?

To accelerate on their digital journey organizations are moving from centralized “project-centric” to de-centralized “product-focused” delivery models, where DevOps teams take full ownership of the end-to-end cycle of a product or service.

Product and Feature Teams is a successful delivery model of business value for enterprises. Organizations have tried adopting Agile-DevOps on small projects to bring agility to support their digital transformation. But they struggle to deploy agility successfully and at the enterprise level.

We will discuss how Product and Feature Teams are supporting the digital transformation journey and establish agility for rapid software development at scale to remain competitive.

How to be productive on business functionality before lunch?

Teams are using shared, self-service platforms for governance, compliance, security and quality, making the ‘right’ thing to do also the ‘easy’ thing to do. They embrace an InnerSource mentality to share and re-use code and best practices to foster a collaborative ethos of continuous improvement and are devising standardized reference architectures with reusable code templates that accelerate and keep the focus on business functionality.

We will show what the patterns, practices, key learnings and solutions top performing organizations implement, which can be used as a blueprint for other implementations.

Continuous improvement and trust

Happy developers deliver good code, qualitative and quantitative metrics with continuous feedback on team performance drive the evolution of practices and improves next to the trust the team brings also advances in business value and innovation.

We will discuss what the practices the teams adopt, how they prepare themselves, which metrics they use and what is their maturity cycle.


Meet our Leading International Experts

Clemens Reijnen

Sogeti Global CTO Cloud & DevOps Leader

Brian Hammond

Executive Vice President, Capgemini

Matt Braafhart

Solutions Architect at Sogeti


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