A New Realism in the World of Quality Assurance and Testing

World Quality Report 2021-2022

Ideas in Action is a unique event series for business and technology leaders, in which we explore the impact of current and future trends in business and technology.

Our latest event turns the spotlight on the World Quality Report 2021-2022 from Capgemini and Sogeti, in partnership with Micro Focus. In it we discover what’s happening in the field of QA and  Testing, what the best practices are, and how organizations can take advantage of them.

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About the World Quality Report


Now in its thirteenth year, the WQR is a barometer by which the global QA and Testing profession is measured.

In this year’s report we learn that there’s a sense of pragmatism amongst the 1,750 CIOs and senior tech leaders who took part in the WQR survey.

Read key recommendations from WQR 2021-22 to deliver more value from your QA and Testing:

  • Standardize the use of test automation in QA
  • Factor in data analytics in your test data management
  • Invest in insights (such as smart dashboards) across QA and Testing
  • Drive the use of AI; don’t be driven by it


When: Thursday 2nd December 2021


Discover the key the findings from this year’s World Quality Report, which tracks trends, plots progress, and offers recommendations for transforming QA and testing as new methodologies and technologies come into play.

The WQR 2021-2022 charts a new realism in the world of QA and Testing. It reflects a growing sense that the discipline overall has matured and is valued by CIOs as integral to both customer experience and quality.

QA teams have moved beyond being just the custodians of quality to become its enablers and champions. Find out what has prompted this shift and how your organization might benefit from the more orchestrated approach to quality that we’re seeing across all industries.



Our specialists will delve into key hot topics as they discuss the findings and what it means to your business.

Join us as we discuss key findings in the following core areas:

  • Quality engineering in Agile/DevOps teams — an engineering mindset shared across your teams will pay dividends
  • Intelligent automation — an automation-first approach in software quality delivery should now be the norm
  • Use of AI in QA and Testing — investing in AI solutions with use cases that are targeted to the most challenging aspects of quality delivery is essential
  • Test Environment and Test Data — chart a gradual shift to cloud, but maintain integrity with legacy applications


Meet our Leading International Experts

Mark Oost

Global CTO AI & Analytics

Sandeep Sachdeva

VP, Global BI & Analytics Practice

Sanne Bouwman

Practice Lead Data Science & Artificial Intelligence at Sogeti


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