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About the authors of the report:

Antoine Aymer

Antoine Aymer, Strategic Portfolio Director at Sogeti

John has made a career out of unpeeling the onion of creativity and innovation. He brings eclectic experience to the question of ‘how’ - teaching at Harvard Business School and the MIT Media Lab, producing feature films and theater, starting high-tech ventures and sharing the bandstand with Frank Zappa and the original Mothers of Invention.

John is a highly sought-after thought leader and self-styled ‘innovation activist. His many published works reflect a diverse career and entrepreneurial mindset.

Read John’s “Six Intelligences” framework published on World Economic Forum

Explore his recent articles in Forbes:

  • Disruption or Discontinuity - Why the Distinction Matters to All Of Us
  • The Key to Thriving in Disrupted Times Is Finding Our Way to The Present Moment
  • Financing Innovation in A Time of Pandemic – What are the New Realities?
  • The Three Keys to Making Sense of The Livestream Revolution

Watch John’s presentation on Innovation Activism

Read his book “Jamming

The Creativity Code: How AI is Learning to Write, Paint and Think

Marcus du Sautoy

Marcus du Sautoy, Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science and Professor of Mathematics.

Mathematician, researcher, writer and radio presenter Marcus was the recipient of the 2009 Royal Society’s Faraday Prize, the UK’s premier award for excellence in communicating science. He has written numerous academic articles and books on mathematics, as well as award-winning radio and TV programs.

Author and mathematician Marcus has been named as one of the UK’s leading scientists. He is an award-winning radio and TV broadcaster, renowned for bringing mathematics to life.

Watch Marcus in the BBC documentary “The Story of Math

Marcus is a Go player. Hear what he thinks about the AI breakthrough, known as the Go moment

Read his latest book on Computer Creativity

Visit his website

The Rising Frugal Economy

Navi Radjou

Navi Radjou, Advisor on the Frugal Economy

Navi is an innovation and leadership advisor and bestselling author. His most recent book, Frugal Innovation: How To Do More With Less, published by The Economist in 2015, shows how companies can innovate faster, better, and sustainably in today’s customer-driven global tech economy shaped by climate change.

Bestselling author Navi is an innovation and leadership advisor. Decribing himself as a global citizen, his many published works aim to ignite people’s igenuity, compassion and wisdom.

Read Navi’s books:

Watch his TedX global presentation

And join him on his “Inner Journey” to freedom on TedX

Leaving the world lusher than we found it

Ruth Andrade

Ruth Andrade, Leaving the world Lusher than we found it.

Having grown up in a concrete jungle, amidst high-rise buildings, asphalt and pollution, Ruth is passionate about how to transform business into a force of regeneration and to leverage the power of global brands to do good. She started working for Lush in 2004 and soon became the head of environment, inspiring many environmental initiatives.

Ruth is passionate about how to transform business into a force of regeneration and leverage the power of global brands to do good.

Ruth is part of Lush Cosmetics – Discover how Lush took on the cosmetics industry in this Financial Times profile

Watch Ruth on Regenerative and Bio-Inspired organizations

Watch Ruth on leaving the world lusher than we found it


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Antoine Aymer
Antoine Aymer
Global Strategic Portfolio Director for Testing
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