hackathon 2019

Global Hackathon 2019

Invigorate your 'maker spirit' and register your team of Sogetians into our Global Hackathon. Submit your entry form before the end of day 20th August 2019 for your chance to compete in the hackathon...

phone-girl-rev2.gifAre you a technology innovator? A maker of value? Then this Hackathon is for you. With a focus on technology innovation and design thinking, this fun event will pit like-minded colleagues against each, solving real-world problems geared towards our goal to be a market leader in Automation, AI and Analytics.

Why are we running this global event? Because we believe it will invigorate 'The Maker Spirit' inside Sogetians – to think, make and execute technical solutions that meet a business challenge or opportunity. Are you up for it? The title of 'Global Value Maker' at Sogeti is up for grabs. Read on to find out what's involved.

Choose one of the following five concepts (themed under RPA, AI or analytics) to develop and turn into a concept with genuine value-making potential. You'll see that they are 'problem statements/use cases' for Analytics, AI and Automation – which one will you resolve?


Concept Sector Hints
Image Processing with Computer Vision Sectors: AI, RPA Think about Computer Vision using concepts like IQ Bots or CV from UiPath or even any IBM Watson driven technologies. Idea is to pick up unstructured data for a business purpose and structure it by analyzing and reading including handwritten text. Business value is derived from fields not being consistent in location form or size.
Self-healing with Robotics & AI Sectors: AI, RPA How can we create AI based engines for problem prediction, problem resolution and fix Applications. It could be concepts like Self-healing on any of the SAP/Oracle/ERP applications or even core applications like Banking/Insurance/Healthcare. Focus is more on prediction, remediation and not reporting. Think about creating AI based Ops and Performance Management tools.
Intelligent Conversational BOTs with Embedded AI Sectors: AI, Chatbots Can we create create AI based conversational engines for more natural responses to end customer dialogue. Use LUIS, Watson or Google Dialogflow to model your customer chat experience. Ideas should be focussed on intent creation, learning with more conversations to provide a higher level of accuracy as the BOT matures and becomes more intelligent.
Digital Worker for Business Process Sector: RPA How do we create an RPA based digital worker. Examples like Digital Worker for Employer onboarding, Digital Worker for bank reconciliation etc. fit the bill. You can look for creating digital workers for your supply chain; supplier onboarding, item master classification, Digital Accounting.
Smart Predict with AI & Analytics Sector: RPA Think about analytic based digital predictors. Examples like smart predictor of IOT/Analytics based Utilities companies solutions or smart predict for system outages using advanced analytics fit the bill.

Teams will be judged on the following five criteria – each with the same 20% weighting.

How technically impressive is the solution? Does it use a particularly innovative technique, or many different components? Does the technology involve a partner's collaboration and if so which features of the partner's ready solutions does it use?

Has the team put thought into the user experience? How well designed is the interface? (e.g. is it easy to use, or does it use a cool interface?). Did the team use 'Design Thinking' for developing the concept?

learning.jpgLEARNING & PASSION
Did the team attempt to use new technologies or leverage our partner ecosystem, and was there learning involved? How passionate is the team in terms of believing in its solution?

How ready is the solution and to what extent does it work? Has the team achieved everything as per the acceptance criteria?

Overall wow factor of the solution.



Great ideas aren't always tidy – but they do make value so please note that the judging criteria does not include:

  • How good your code is. It doesn't matter if your code is messy, or not well commented, or uses inefficient algorithms. Our Global Hackathon is about playing around, encouraging you to fail fast, fail cheap, and learn new things. If your code isn't production ready, we're not going to penalize you.
  • How well you pitch. Hacking is about building and learning, not about selling. Just go for it!

Prizes for the Winning Team and the Runner-up Team will be announced shortly - check back here soon!


To register your place in the Sogeti Global Hackathon please complete the entry form below by 20th August.

Have you got some great ideas for resolving more than one of the chosen topics? That's no problem. Teams can opt to turn any number of the topics into a winning concept.

You've made your selection, so what's next? It's a team effort. Once your team (maximum of 4 people) has chosen its preferred problem statement(s), you must work together to develop a working solution. This will then be demoed via video upload, or through an executable on the code repository provided.

The judges will be marking your concept on its ability to make value. But they'll also want to see a 'wow' factor.

There's also a complete entry guide setting out the Hackathon Rules and application process at the end of this document, along with a set of FAQs answering possible queries.

Stay tuned for more details once the Hackathon begins.

Category *

What is the objective of this Global Hackathon?
To ENCOURAGE Innovation and have fun! We also want to Ideate, Incubate and Innovate. Come up with cool technical solutions for the problem statements provided.

Is this Hackathon open to external participation?
No, this event is for Sogeti employees only.

Is there a restriction on the number of participants?
Yes. The rule is to have minimum 2 and maximum 4 participants per team.

Can I participate as an individual?
No, the objective is collaboration, so a minimum of two people team is mandatory.

Can a team participate in more than one theme?
Yes, they absolutely can. Just select the themes while registering for the event. MULTIPLE entries are welcome, but each entry must be separately processed.

Is there a deadline for registering for the event?
Yes, we would ideally like all teams registered by EOD your local time on 20th August 2019. This will give some time for the source code repositories to be created on BitBucket or other repository.

What are the dates for the Hackathon?
Register: before 20th August
Submit Entries by (to be confirmed)
Final judging of entries: 25th September 2019

What prizes are on offer?
Prizes will be announced on the portal, if they haven't been yet. Or we may just keep it a surprise! Stay tuned.

Will this event be held physically in a location?
No, it will be a virtual judging process.

What are the expected deliverables from the teams?
The teams are expected to mandatorily provide source code/API for their solutions, checked into the BitBucket OR similar repository provided on the portal. Other optional deliverables such as PPT, videos, images or documents can also be uploaded directly on the portal.

Where do I upload the source code for the solutions?
We will provide you with a BitBucket or similar repository link on the portal. Please follow the instructions provided.

Can I use open source software, listed on sites such as Stack Overflow, codify etc.?
Yes, with appropriate attribution.

Do we need to have the entire idea fully working?
No, the entire idea need not be fully implemented, but the submission should be functional so that it can be reviewed by the judges.

If it is a team submission, does that mean all team members will have access to work at the same time?
No, only the team leader can login from their account and do the application submission.

Who can I reach out to for any support with this event?
Please write to Smriti Karmarkar (smriti.karmarkar@capgemini.com).

When will I know the outcome of the event?
Winners will be announced on the date of the finals – September 25th live in Sweden.

Can we form teams from multiple geographies?
Yes, in fact that is encouraged and would give extra points to the team.

Can I upload attachments (PPT, Video files, and images) as part of my solution submission?
Yes, the participant needs to zip all this stuff and upload a single zip file into the upload box in the portal. The maximum file size limit for the upload is 200 MB.

If it is a team submission, does Sogeti recommend any solution like Basecamp or Slack for collaboration.
Yes. We recommend you use Trello Boards and Microsoft Teams Sites for this event.

Can I use partner APIs and/or licenced products?
Yes, with approval from the partners – contact Darren Baker (darren.baker@us.sogeti.com) for trial licencing.

  1. The Sogeti Global Hackathon 2019 is restricted to Sogeti Global Employees – internal participation only.
  2. Participants need to form a team with a minimum size of 2 members and a maximum of 4. Extra points will be awarded to teams that are formed from participants across multiple geographies – indicating strong collaboration.
  3. The 'doors' to the Sogeti Global Hackathon 2019 will open on 20th August 2019 and the finals will be held on 25th September 2019
  4. Prior registration is required to participate in this event. Registration starts on 25th July and ends 20th August.
  5. Each team must select a leader, a team name, and Register on this site by submitting the required registration form. There will be one login ID per team. The team leader needs to provide a “Unique Team name” when registering. Please enter all the names of the team members in the team details.
  6. Each team can have more than one entry (a new registration will be required for each entry), but if they get through to the semi-finals they will have to choose a single entry to move further.
  7. Zip it up! For submissions that include PPTs, videos, documents and images, the participant needs to zip everything and upload a single zip file to the upload box in the portal. The maximum file size limit for the upload is 200 MB (executable files are not allowed).
  8. For queries/support on this event, please contact Smriti Karmarkar (smriti.karmarkar@capgemini.com).
  9. Teams can use libraries, frameworks, or open-source code in their projects.
  10. All entries must be original through a self declaration. No Plagiarism.