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Waar kun je als Microsoft professional voorsorteren op de toekomst?

Als Microsoft professional wil je zo snel mogelijk vooruit. Werken aan projecten die tot de verbeelding spreken. Waar je verder mee komt, waar je energie van krijgt en waar je de samenleving een grote dienst mee bewijst. Zoals bij de slim laden app van Eneco die we hebben ontwikkeld (Check ook het filmpje hieronder). 

Digital transformation is an organization’s response, not merely to changing technologies, but more importantly to changing behaviors. You need to be on top of your customer’s expectations and preferences, while at the same time able to integrate advanced technologies with existing business processes. Leading these endeavors of course requires strong delivery skills and change management. But, because of the unpredictability of people, it is strong discovery skills that are going to make the decisive difference. In that sense, digital transformation is, first and foremost, a journey of exploration, discovering uncharted new territories and understanding its inhabitants. This year’s Executive Summit ‘Utopia for Beginners’ on October 28-29 in Paris, will delve deeper into this journey

A wake-up call for discovery skills
When you were young, you had dreams. Perhaps you still do. But once you've become a digital chief, it is so much harder to dream and explore the amazing world around you. For now, it is primarily your job to deliver on the digital transformation. Part of the success however comes from igniting the chief exploration officer in you. This year’s Executive Summit is therefore a wake-up call, an opportunity to revitalize your discovery skills. The point on the horizon is your Utopia: a highly desirable, almost perfect place that doesn’t (yet) exist.

New technologies spiking up fantasy
There are important questions to consider. Is your Utopia aligned with the latest technology and what would be the impact? Are you for instance looking at the so-called Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) technology, the next trend in AI? It is said that it will make technology truly creative. Imagine AI creating new products, new designs, new ideas. Is it too far-fetched to believe that GANs will be the co-producers of this new Utopia: spiking up fantasy and creativity?

A new generation is rising
For some, Utopia is no longer a destination; they have already arrived. Here we’re talking about the new generation: the post-millennials. They're ‘on-life’, moving seamlessly between on- and off-line and they are one step ahead of your future. Based on the latest insights from our recent research, ‘The Synthetic Generation’, we suggest another question. How do you not only align with the technical side of their behavior, but also deliver on their new ethical standards, their trust, and their craving for authenticity?


There's a lot to explore, but in the end, we're all beginners. Technology is in its infancy, and there is a new generation, your peers, and you. And then - as always - there's legacy, risk averseness, unwillingness to change, short-sightedness and resistance to overcome. At this year's Executive Summit, we want to start creating the future. Based on your expertise, the inspiration from keynote speakers, the joint effort of the attendees, and the 24 hours we have available, we're going to build a new Utopia!

Questions that we will address at this year’s Sogeti Executive Summit are:

  • How can a Utopian mindset strengthen digital transformation?
  • How do you align your organization with the demands of the synthetic generation?
  • What are the creative capabilities of what’s next in AI and how will it impact your organization?
  • What are the quick fixes required to start your expedition towards a Utopia for your customers and employees?

We will bring together a group of visionary thought leaders and executives from many different industries for a strategic dialogue to help you develop a perspective on ‘Utopia for Beginners’.

The Sogeti Executive Summit will start with a lunch on Monday, October 28, and will end after lunchtime on Tuesday, October 29. The venue for this event is Hotel Westin Vendôme, Paris, France.


Day 1, October 28th 2019
10:00-12:00 - State of the Art sessions for early arrivals
12:00 - Welcome lunch
13:00 - Start official program
18:00 - End program Day 1
20:00 - Drinks and dinner

Day 2, October 29th 2019
8:30 - Start Day 2
13:30 - End program with lunch

More detailed program to be communicated shortly.







sara green brodersen-150x150.jpg

Sara Green Brodersen
Founder at Deemly

Sara is the Founder of Deemly, a technology startup aimed at breaking down trust barriers for users in the sharing economy. As an international public speaker, she enjoys sharing her passion about all things connected to trust in online communities and has quickly gained attention from industry leaders and sharing economy visionaries alike. Sara earned a M.Sc. in E-business from the IT University of Copenhagen and has worked as a Management Consultant within the realm of IT and digital innovation. Being Danish of origin she has worked in the technology sector in both San Francisco and London and also holds exams from Cambridge and Stanford Universities.


Luciano Floridi
Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information & Director of Digital Ethics Lab, OII, University of Oxford

Luciano Floridi is the OII’s Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information at the University of Oxford, where he is also the Director of the Digital Ethics Lab of the Oxford Internet Institute. Still in Oxford, he is Distinguished Research Fellow of the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics of the Faculty of Philosophy, and Research Associate and Fellow in Information Policy of the Department of Computer Science. Outside Oxford, he is Faculty Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute (the national institute for data science) and Chair of its Data Ethics Group; and Adjunct Professor (“Distinguished Scholar in Residence”) of the Department of Economics, American University, Washington D.C. His research concerns primarily Information and Computer Ethics (aka Digital Ethics), the Philosophy of Information, and the Philosophy of Technology. Other research interests include Epistemology, Philosophy of Logic, and the History and Philosophy of Scepticism.


Marieke Hart
PR and social entrepreneur

The Power Of Sharing - Did you know that, every day, over 400 Dutch people walk over to their neighbour's house to share food? Marieke Hart, Co-founder of shareyourmeal.net, speaks about the power of sharing, and how it can brighten your day: "Even thinking about sharing makes you happy". Marieke's experience covers training, PR and social entrepreneurship, and she holds an MA in General Social Science from the University of Utrecht.

Andrew Keen

Andrew Keen
Chief Unhappiness Officer, Sogeti

Andrew Keen was among the earliest to write about the dangers of the Internet to our culture and society. Keen’s new book, How to Fix the Future, based on research, analysis, and Keen’s own reporting in America and around the world, showcases global solutions for our digital predicament. Keen identifies five broad strategies to tackle the digital future: competitive innovation, government regulation, consumer choice, social responsibility by business leaders, and education. How to Fix the Future has been called “the most significant work so far in an emerging body of literature... in which technology’s smartest thinkers are raising alarm bells about the state of the Internet, and laying groundwork for how to fix it”.


Anjali Lai
Senior Analyst at Forrester Research

Anjali Lai is a senior analyst with Forrester. She helps chief marketing officers navigate a market fueled by the ever-evolving consumer. Anjali synthesizes multimodal data and applies cutting-edge research techniques to distill the most important changes in consumer behavior and decision making. Her research defines what these consumer insights mean for the future of industries and brands; her frameworks guide executives to make strategic calls that win and retain consumers accordingly.


Peter Leyden
Founder of Reinvent / Media Entrepreneur / Public Speaker on Tech & Future Trends / Author & Writer

Peter Leyden is an expert in new technologies and future trends who frequently gives keynote talks and works for innovative organizations out to reinvent fields. Leyden was managing editor at the original Wired Magazine, and worked at Global Business Network, the pioneering think tank on the future. He was founding director of the New Politics Institute helping reinvent politics on the Internet. Leyden currently is founder and CEO of Reinventors, a network of innovators using the new medium of group video for a series of conversations about how to reinvent America. Leyden started his career as a journalist, including as a special correspondent for Newsweek magazine in Asia. He coauthored two books on the future: The Long Boom and What’s Next.


John Meulemans
Managing Director at 3sixtyfive, Award Winning Influencer Agency

John Meulemans is Founder & Managing Director of  influencer agency 3sixtyfive and he develops successful campaigns & programs for brands like ABN AMRO, Toyota, KPMG and Amnesty International. He is also founder of YouTube agency RISE and provides brands guidance as a keynote speaker in an era in which traditional media has lost its impact.

Carl Miller

Carl Miller
Author and researcher

Carl Miller is an award-winning author and researcher who has thrown himself into some of the most scary, hidden, weird and important parts of the digital age to understand how all of our lives are changing. His work combines data and analysis with immersive, first-hand reporting.

He is the co-founder and Research Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at Demos the first UK think tank institute dedicated to studying the digital world and is a Visiting Research Fellow at King’s College London.

​His debut book, The Death of the Gods: The New Global Power Grab was published in 2018 by Penguin RandomHouse, and won the 2019 Transmission Prize. He has written for Wired, New Scientist, the Sunday Times, the Telegraph and the Guardian, appears frequently in the press, and speaks about his work around the world.



State of the Art sessions

Just before the start of the summit, there is an opportunity to catch up with some of the trends in the industry, discussed by our global technology leaders. These intimate sessions will offer an opportunity to explore and discuss trending topics from the latest developments in the industry. The topics we will be covering will include: 'How to accelerate with AI', 'Fraud & AI', 'Virtual Assistants and Digital Friends as a Service' and 'The Strength of AI Image Recognition & Cognitive Quality Assurance'.

How to Accelerate with AI
Leading AI companies develop technology that improves parts of the AI creation or deployment process itself. We help our clients achieving this. We bring building blocks both technically and methodology. We help our clients with automated AI Creation environments. So that AI Experts at clients can focus on other projects. With specified AI for certain domains (Chatbots, NLP, Image, etc.) we transform business specific use cases.

Fraud & AI
Fraud co-evolves with technology, exposing organizations to both more sophisticated attacks and entirely new types. At the same time, technology provides tools for preventing and defending against them. Identifying suspicious operations takes time, labor and no small number of mistakes, all of which can be reduced with machine learning algorithms. Picking the right algorithm, properly preparing the input and the approach to training leads to greater detection of anomalies and fewer false alarms. Join us to understand how pre-configured building blocks are really making a difference today.  

Virtual Assistants and Digital Friends as a Service
Chatbot, Voice strategy, the next big thing in cloud. Conversational experiences with digital friends. Consumers are moving from classic digital channels to conversational channels, like voice and chatbots. This big shift will result in a more natural and seamless experience. Interaction with digital solutions will feel the same as interacting with colleagues, friends and family. Digital solutions will become our digital friends. Our Chatbot expert will explain the huge benefits of this shift for both, consumers and organizations. He will explain how to create a digital friend and how your organization can benefit most from it. How AI helps in the humanification of your digital channels. Start your voice strategy today.

The Strength of AI Image Recognition & Cognitive Quality Assurance
Leverage Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics for faster and higher quality software assurance. Quality validation, end-to-end customer experience validation and testing of applications across a myriad of devices and platforms makes for a complex challenge for most organizations today. Expert experience alone is not sufficient to be prepared. Additional sources of intelligence need to be leveraged. Innovations in analytics, artificial intelligence, and data sciences allow organizations to spot areas of inefficiencies and remove them before they impact and also provide insight on business processes and approaches that can be improved that were not visible before. AI-image recognition is one of those fields of new functionality everyone is experimenting with to improve quality of service, internal processes and new ways of decision making. The AI accelerators will help you automate and contextualize any physical or digital piece of text across your organization.


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