Sogeti develops a Mobile App to connect pilots for a Allied Pilots Association

Sogeti helped Allied Pilots Association (APA) to provide flight information including flight schedules, aircraft data, crew, weather, hotel and passenger standby lists to pilots via iOS and Android mobile devices.


The client sought to provide pilots with real-time flight information on iOS and Android mobile devices. The flight information included flight schedules, aircraft data, crew, weather, hotel and passenger standby lists. There were several enterprise applications to be incorporated and made accessible via single-sign on. The client wanted to avoid writing the same application for the different target devices while achieving rapid deployment timelines.  


Sogeti leveraged the Xamarin mobile development platform to realize a common shared codebase using Visual Studio 2013, C# and XAML for all target devices running iOS and Android.  The services developed using ASP .NET Web API were integrated into the Xamarin mobile application to return the flight information from existing real-time channels. Xamarin was used to facilitate integration of Web services and third-party packages that provided key functionality to build the solution since the programming interfaces were designed based on the .NET Framework


The savings on development costs are also a major benefit since the Xamarin mobile platform reduces the need to create separate code bases for each target mobile device and operating system. As new features are slated for future versions of the mobile application, the solution will enable the business to achieve a faster time-to-market for new subscription services, thereby accelerating new revenue potential. Since the solution utilizes widely available skill sets such as Visual Studio, C# and ASP .NET, business operating expenses are minimized due to standard development practices and size of industry talent pool. 

  • Sergio Compean
    Sergio Compean
    IoT/Cloud/Mobile Architect
    +1 937-291-8100
About Allied Pilot Association (APA)

Allied Pilots Association (APA) is the labor union representing American Airlines pilots. The client provides all of the traditional union representation services for its members. The business expects to launch a subscription service available to pilots to get access to the mobile flight schedule application.  The subscription service will represent a significant amount of repeat revenue for the business and the total value is expected to increase.

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