Improved performance and better control of costs thanks to Managed Testing Services

Sogeti manages testing services for leading European Telecoms Operator.


This major European telecoms and ICT company constantly strives to reduce cost and improve the quality of its IT.  Its objectives were to rationalize all IT processes, improve operational performance while reducing costs and shorten time-to-market. Through a structured Managed Testing Services (MTS) partnership deal, Sogeti contributes to achieving this goal in the area of Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing. 


The core of Sogeti’s winning proposition is their MTS framework, tailored to the client’s specific requirements, based on three important concepts:

  • commitment to the client’s business objectives (using Sogeti’s TMap NEXT® methodology),
  • use of test lines dedicated to applications chains (to offer stable, high-quality testing, continuity of knowledge, flexible capacity and a cost-effective way of working),
  • a client-dedicated combination of onsite and offshore test teams.

There are now seven test lines in four locations, on customer site, offsite and offshore, with over 160 Sogeti testers.


With Sogeti as a key test partner, the client has made significant improvements to its control of costs and quality performance. Structural savings of 15% have been made, demonstrated by the client’s own KPIs and a reduction in overall IT development costs. Sogeti has also brought about dynamic improvement of test operations with greater control and a shorter time-to-market as well as introduced professional Quality Assurance, aimed at covering the complete system development cycle.

  • Mark Buenen
    Mark Buenen
    Global Leader of Quality Engineering & Testing at Capgemini Group
About the client

This company provides high-quality fixed and mobile telephony, Internet and digital television services and products, and is an all-round provider of ICT services for consumers. It also provides an array of innovative and reliable services for business customers, including telephony, Internet and data traffic/management through to the management of ICT services.

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