Prevent's checklist app improves safety inspection

Sogeti develops App for Safety Inspections for Prevent.


Prevent saw a need to modernize its offer to the market by digitizing existing products and find new solutions for their use. They also wanted to develop new digital products and services. As a first step Prevent has chosen Sogeti to create a mobile app for checklists.


The checklist  for Staffing and Hiring will be a support for companies that provides staff and is addressed to the client manager. The checklist includes questions that need to be made to the staffing company to assess the work environmental risk of working at a customer company, and thereby fulfill the responsibility for its staff. The app provides functionality that makes it easy for the user to adjust checklists, compare them with previous lists, use camera etc to add content. The result of the inspection can be saved in the cloud. 


The new app for checklists have been very positively received and the number of downloads the first few weeks exceeded Prevent goals. Users have been provided with an effective tool that facilitates the process of safety inspections and that contributes to the usage of checklists, and thus the performance of safety inspections, increases.


  • Pontus Renmark
    Pontus Renmark
    Sales executive at Sogeti Sweden
    +46 8 536 821 23
About Prevent

Prevent convey knowledge on how healthy promotional work environment activities can create successful companies. Prevent is a non-profit organization owned by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, LO and PTK, ie unions and employers together.

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