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Better Fraud detection with new data Integration for a Risk Shield Company

Sogeti provides end-to-end outsourcing of an entire test line for a large mobile communications provider.


The client’s existing fraud detection system had to be replaced as it had functionally as well as economically, reached the end of its lifecycle. The client decided to purchase a new risk analysis and warning system. The solution had to comply with certain strict requirements.


Sogeti implemented the data integration layer on top of the new fraud detection system. This near real time data integration solution was realized through Informatica PowerCenter and an Oracle Database. 


With its new data integration solution, the client is able to prepare smarter and faster analysis for fraud detection. That means that fraud can be detected at an early stage. Besides that, with the new system, the client possesses more elaborate analyses possibilities than before. The data integration layer has been thoroughly tested and the client is now much more capable of preventing and detecting fraud while simultaneously reducing management expenses – now and in the future.


About the client

The client is a business / commercial service provider in Europe. The company provides quick and secure processing of business transactions for various national and international customers. Quality, reliability and security are crucial for this service provision. For this purpose the company uses state-of-the-art technology to detect suspect transactions through automatic real-time analyses.


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