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Smartwatch simplifies contact between parents and children on the go

Sogeti creates a parent admin app for Tinitell.


Tinitell, a Swedish startup, was developing a wearable phone in the form of a smartwatch for children to communicate with their parents in an easy and secure way. Tinitell has a built-in GPS system that allows parents to easily locate the wearer. You just have to insert a voice-ready SIM card to make calls with it. The device offers features such as voice recognition and authorization, hence the risk of unintentional calls or pranks is minimized. Tinitell can communicate to any telephone number simply by the press of a button.

The product needed an app for the parent interface and Sogeti got the assignment to develop the app for Android and iOs. 


Sogeti created the app and deployed it for Android and iOs devices. The app would allow parents to add or remove Tinitell devices as well as answer and place calls to the connected Tinitells. The app also allows parents to monitor the location of the Tinitells via GPS positioning.


With the Tinitell device and the app developed by Sogeti, kids can play outside more and for longer periods, as it makes it far easier for parents to communicate with their children.

  • Pontus Renmark
    Pontus Renmark
    Sales executive at Sogeti Sweden
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About the client

Tinitell is a startup based in Stockholm, Sweden. Initial funding was made though Kickstarter. Tinitell was founded by entrepreneur Mats Horn.

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