Automation and Control

Automation and Control

The need for data, anytime, anywhere and in a customized format, demands intelligence from field devices, modern manufacturing landscapes and effective use of engineering analytics. This places a huge demand on secured high speed communication and standardization through interoperability of systems. Find out how you can align your enterprise to remain competitive and compliant in the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Get Ready for the Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0

In the age of consumerization, enterprises must be able to offer profitable products which are technologically sound and compliant with fast evolving industry standards.

OEMs must optimize on these needs:

  • Converge automation technologies
  • Solve obsolescence issues
  • Standardize through interoperability of systems
  • Be sustainable

Moreover, with the rise of internet of things, the industry is transitioning from a product-centric model to a Product-as-a-service model which is putting further pressure on the R&D budgets and time-to-market constraints.

OEMs need automation and control systems that will provide them the right flexibility to innovate and remain competitive and compliant in a connected world.

Real Business Value Through Engineering Services

Capgemini works with OEMS, tier-1s and automation technology partners to provide end-to-end solutions in the plant and for assets deployed in the field.

New Product Development

  • Electronics and hardware development: Board design, ASIC/ FPGA/ CPLD SoC design
  • Embedded firmware, software design and development
  • End to end Software development
  • Tools engineering: Plug-ins, enhancements, interoperability

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