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Beyond Connected Products

Connect everything, transform anything. Technology has an amazing capacity to make our lives happier. But all too often it fails to deliver, lacking a focus on how to enrich and enable people’s lives. It’s time this changed. It’s time to reboot happiness.

How much value are you really deriving from your investment in connected products? The Internet of Things (IoT) has huge promise as it connects devices, systems, physical objects and data to bring incredible business insight. The challenge for many organizations, however, is how to seize this opportunity – and all too often this simply isn’t happening.

Finding the Magic in Connected Products and Services

Global spending on IoT is expected to reach 1.3 trillion by 2020. Enterprises are clearly seeing the potential for capturing and interpreting data to drive business decisions and create a differentiating customer experience. So, what’s going wrong? Why are so many organizations failing to adopt the new business models enabled by connected products?

Sogeti has the solution. Our Connected Products portfolio turns lifeless objects into something magical, creating end-to-end connected products and services that deliver happier end users and internal stakeholders.

How we can help

Sogeti takes a different approach to connected products and services. We don’t simply build a physical product, we design and test software, making us ideally placed to give you the breakthrough you need with your IoT investments. In addition, we embed our cloud and analytics expertise to ensure value is delivered from your connected products and services.

Delivering more value

With Sogeti Connected Products, you will be able to successfully:

  • Adopt new business models, such as ‘product as a service’
  • Successfully introduce connected products and solutions
  • Put in place a strategy and roadmap for connected products
  • Understand the platforms/technology options available
  • Ensure your products are secure and scalable
  • Use connected products and IoT enabled services to improve your operational efficiencies
  • Leverage data collected from your products and systems to derive valuable business insights
  • Use connected products to enable digital happiness – for your business and your customers
  • Incorporate newer technologies, such as AI, Blockchain, cognitive computing in your current portfolio


Receive expert advice to innovate your IoT strategy.


Our Portfolio

Our connected products porfolio rests on four pillars:


Innovation Workshops   

  • New business Models
  • Product & Service Portfolio Assessment
  • Technology / Platform Selection

Minimum Viable product

  • Vision Workshop
  • Accelerated product development (MLP)
  • Business Case Validation


Secure, Scale & Industrialize

  • Design and build product, applications and IoT platforms

Integrate & Deploy               

  • Product Platforms, applications, and enterprise systems


  • Real time insights on the edge - Fog Analytics
  • Business Analytics
  • Product Analytics
  • Operational Analytics
  • Cognitive Computing for self optimizing self-learning systems
  • Using big data and AI


Cognitive Operations Management

  • Automate remote product management, predictive and preventive maintenance
  • Optimize Operations continuously in cost effective manner
  • Feedback Intended and Unintended use information for innovation

Why Sogeti?

With more than 25 years’ engineering heritage and a culture rooted in innovation, Sogeti knows how to make richer connections with end users, whilst satisfying the needs of the business. Our comprehensive approach extends across the connected products value chain:


Receive expert advice to innovate your IoT strategy.


Preparing your business for this new world of Cognitive IoT may seem challenging, but it is not impossible. Capgemini and Sogeti, in collaboration with IBM, understand what it takes to bring a unique business like yours into the Cognitive era. We have worked together extensively to develop a series of solutions, tools, best practives, and delivery methodologies to help you to accelerate your Cognitive IoT journey and obtain greater value from your connected assets. We have taken this combined knowledge and packaged it into a valuable, executive workshop.

Success Story

Discover how Terumo BCT is using IoT to automate the collection, storage, security, processing and transportation of 100 million successful blood donations within a year.


'Unlocking the business value of IoT in operations’

60% of organizations say they do not have the analytics capabilities to take advantage of the data generated from IoT sources.

Read more in ‘Unlocking the business value of IoT in operations’ produced by the Capgemini Digital Transformation Institute.


'Nelson Hall Evaluation of IoT Services'

We are leaders in IoT.

Read Nelson Hall’s evaluation of our IoT Services, in which we are identified as one of the leaders in the ‘Overall and Customer Engagement focus’ market segments




Receive expert advice on how to innovate your IoT strategy. 

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