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Automation and Control

The need for data, anytime, anywhere and in a customized format, demands intelligence from field devices, modern manufacturing landscapes and effective use of engineering analytics. This places a huge demand on secured high speed communication and standardization through interoperability of systems. Find out how you can align your enterprise to remain competitive and compliant in the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Get Ready for the Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0

In the age of consumerization, enterprises must be able to offer profitable products which are technologically sound and compliant with fast evolving industry standards.

OEMs must optimize on these needs:

  • Converge automation technologies
  • Solve obsolescence issues
  • Standardize through interoperability of systems
  • Be sustainable

Moreover, with the rise of internet of things, the industry is transitioning from a product-centric model to a Product-as-a-service model which is putting further pressure on the R&D budgets and time-to-market constraints.

OEMs need automation and control systems that will provide them the right flexibility to innovate and remain competitive and compliant in a connected world.

Real Business Value Through Engineering Services

We work with OEMS, tier-1s and automation technology partners to provide end-to-end solutions in the plant and for assets deployed in the field.

New Product Development

  • Electronics and hardware development: Board design, ASIC/ FPGA/ CPLD SoC design
  • Embedded firmware, software design and development
  • End to end Software development
  • Tools engineering: Plug-ins, enhancements, interoperability

Packaged Solutions

  • MES & MI Platforms: Configuration, implementation, rollouts and support for GE IP, Rockwell, Wonderware, etc.
  • HMI,SCADA, DCS, Control and Visualization Platforms: GE IP: Fix32/ iFix/ Complicity, Allen Bradley/ RA, Siemens (WinCC), WonderWare, Invensys, Honeywell

Plant and Process Engineering

  • Plant engineering services: Proposal engineering, piping, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, structural engineering, as-built documentation etc.

Solutions for Superior Business Performance

Our proprietary solutions allow you to optimize the Product Support Services for superior business performance

Backplane Analyzer

An embedded module in the backplane of the control system chassis that continuously captures the high speed data and streams it in real-time over high speed gigabit Ethernet. This customizable and re-usable innovation saves system test time for you to get your products to market faster.

Protocol Conformance Test Framework

Automate protocol testing to achieve product conformance and comply with regulations more efficiently.

Multi Domain High Speed Interface Board

Achieve high-end testing and measurement across diverse sectors:

  • Industrial Automation (Machine and industrial vision systems, Programmable automation controller)
  • Consumer Products (Infotainment Applications)
  • Medical (Medical and Biological Imaging)
  • Automotive (In-car infotainment)

Smart Server/ Gateway

Connect the control panel with various LON enabled devices/systems and TCP/IP network with this gateway.

Global Benchmarking and Data Analysis Solutions

Aggregate your data at all the hierarchical levels of industrial automation for better decision-making and action. It delivers context specific information based on the role of the end-user in the hierarchy.

Integrated Product Support & Sustaining Services (IPS3)

Our proprietary solution IPS3 continually optimizes the Product Support Services

Our Collaborative Innovation Partner Approach

We bring a convergence of technical expertise, solutions and the RightShore model to work with customers in all of their geographical locations. Expertise spans from embedded systems, networked systems, cyber–physical systems, intelligent environment and smart spaces to the Internet of Things (IoT).

  • One-stop-shop services: For end-to-end product development and design for manufacturing. Leverage product localization services for emerging markets using our global presence and domain expertise.
  • Engineering DNA: We partner with our customers’ engineering organizations to drive innovation in different phases of a product life cycle.
  • Continual Improvement through delivery and engineering innovations: Adoption of lean techniques for continuous improvement in Quality-Productivity-Cycle time of the delivery for long term engagements.
  • Reusable solutions and frameworks to accelerate delivery: We have invested in solutions and frameworks, which help us to expedite delivery for you.
  • Access to best-in-class lab and product development best practices: Leverage our well recognized lab set-ups with the required hardware, software tools and methodologies.

Examples of projects we have delivered:

  • Engineering consulting
  • Research
  • New product development and product improvement
  • Advanced analytics
  • System integration

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