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Datacenter Product Engineering

The world of information infrastructure is being shaped by Third Platform, Software Defined Data Center and Hyper Convergence. We help deliver innovative product engineering solutions with improved quality and end-user satisfaction by reducing time-to-market and cost. Leverage our deep knowledge of datacenter products to accelerate product innovation with reduced time-to-market and cost.

Our Infrastructure Services & Solutions

Over the past two decades, we have evolved as a trusted solution provider to several information infrastructure powerhouses and innovation based start-ups.

We offer:

  • Product Innovation
  • Sustaining Engineering for in-market and EOL products
  • Platform engineering for Systems Integration
  • Ecosystem engineering
  • DevOps for Product Development Life Cycle optimization
  • Core Engineering

datacenter product engineering

Our Focus Areas

Software Defined Data Center

Data centers have been hard pressed to deliver multiple services at a faster speed in the era characterized by Digital Transformation. SDDC is a new standard for the modern data center offering speed, scalability, agility, and optimized cost.

Leveraging its technology partnerships with leading OEMs and in-depth infrastructure product knowledge, we offer:

  • Development and testing for Software Defined Storage Appliances and Software Defined Networking (SDN) Products
  • NFVI enablement for Telcos
  • Plug-and-play SDDC solution for businesses

Hyper Converged Infrastructure

As businesses transform into data-driven entities, demand for scalable data infrastructure is growing. Hyper converged infrastructure offers benefits of a virtualized data center in a compact, cost-effective system that is easy to deploy, manage, and support.

We are engineering partner for leading Hyper Converged Infrastructure providers.

Leveraging platform expertise and strong domain knowledge, we offer:

  • Product Development
  • End-to-end QA
  • Security Hardening

Hybrid Cloud

Businesses are adopting a cloud-based infrastructure due to scalability, cost-efficiency and security offered by Hybrid cloud architectures.

We enable cloud computing platform and software vendors to deliver advanced solutions to adopt and transform clouds into highly automated and optimized infrastructure centres

We offer:

  • Cloud Platform Customization
  • Cloud Management
  • Innovative Private/Public/Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • Cloud Technology Consulting
  • Application Virtualization

Big Data

Businesses can no longer ignore the strategic value of insights and a competitive advantage offered by Big Data analytics.

We can help in your Big Data implementation and Solutioning by leveraging domain knowledge across sectors.

We offer

  • Big Data Solutions
  • Architecting and administration
  • Development and Implementation Services such as ETL, data processing, data mining, visualization tools

Datacenter Manageability

The challenge that the modern data center presents to IT administrators and decision-makers is need for a holistic view into the entire IT infrastructure, to help them understand, manage, and optimize the complex components.

We help design and develop manageability solutions that can enable management, drive efficiency, and enhance business value of IT assets within an integrated “single pane” view of the entire infrastructure.

We offer:

  • User Experience Design and Development
  • Solutions for orchestration, integration, and monitoring of IT assets through the creation of tools, cookbooks and standardize best practices
  • Automating the UI and functional verification of the product
  • First time setup and installers to reduce time to deploy and usage duration


With the growth in interoperable products in IT environments, inbuilt product security is critical for business privacy and stability. IT infrastructure products must be designed with inbuilt security to minimize the risk and impact of a compromise.

Secure products cannot be developed as an afterthought. We engineer security into products to ensure secure IT infrastructure to drive both business and competitive advantage.

We offer:

  • Security Hardening - Applications/ Products/ Environment hardening to address vulnerabilities and compliance requirement across domains
  • Security Testing - Fuzz testing, Penetration testing, FIPS testing , 508 Testing and Risk based security tests
  • Vulnerability Assessment- Assess, Measure and Manage vulnerabilities

Why us

Organizations can benefit from our:

  • In-depth Product Knowledge through deep engagements and technology partnerships with leading OEMs
  • Large labs and vital infrastructure set-up for effective/quicker engineering engagements
  • Mature services and well-crafted product engineering methodologies enabling rapid product ownership readiness
  • Our Solution Accelerators help customers:
    • Reduce time to market by 20%,
    • Improve deployment Efforts by 30 to 90%,
    • Increase productivity up to 70%

We are recognized as industry leaders:

  • Ranked in Leadership Quadrant for the Computer Peripherals and Storage industry among global engineering service providers by Zinnov for last 4 consecutive years
  • Accredited as Innovation partner by one of the world’s largest Information technology company

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