Industry 4.0

Product and Engineering Services for Heavy Machinery

We work with heavy machinery companies to bring differentiated products that can be easily integrated into existing and new ecosystems. Discover our solutions for the Industry 4.0 evolutions for optimized manufacturing and growing demand for custom products.

With a rapidly changing macroeconomics, capital-intensive manufacturers face an immediate challenge to provide better capabilities at reduced cost, compounded by increasing global competition. In addition, there is a global drive to facilitate a more sustainable society by reducing pollutant emissions and providing long-term energy efficiencies and related cost savings.

Our Services:

Heavy machinery manufacturers need to reduce their cost of operations to achieve better productivity, reduce down time, manage change over time and increase their speed-to-market. Their equipment must be reliable, comfortable, safe and flexible. When these needs are met, Heavy Machinery OEMs can focus on their core competence i.e. in agriculture, engineering, construction or mining.

Capgemini has proven experience in continuously innovating and optimizing the products and production processes for Heavy Machinery manufacturers.

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