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Security Evaluation KickstartERS

Our Security Evaluation Service gives you insight in the Cybersecurity of your product. This will give you the assurance that the product in which the information system will be embedded will not jeopardize the system’s integrity, confidentiality and authentication. The evaluation of the product will also give an assurance about its capacity in self-defense against cyber-attacks. Our two kickstart offerings will help you get started quickly.

Cyber Architecture Audit &
Code Vulnerability Assessment

According to the Cyber Security maturity of your development team, within 2-3 days, we choose between an audit of the architecture of your product and a code vulnerability assessment, the latter being more suitable when you are sure of your architecture.

For the Cyber Architecture Audit, in 3 days, we:

  • Disclose different ways of thinking of hackers, and their preferences and methods to hack your product,
  • Give you the multi layer security concept, and In-depth-defense concepts,
  • Verify how much your product respects these concepts,
  • Identify weaknesses of your product, relative to the architecture, taking a few scenarios of attacks to illustrate mechanisms that could be used by hackers.
  • Review the SFR (Security Functional Requirements), and check if they include what is necessary to protect the product.
  • Get high level understanding of the processes, tools and risks within your product development lifecycle.
  • Give you hints to improve the development of your products.

For the Code Vulnerability Assessment, in 5 days, we:

  • Identify in your code the sensitive parts to vulnerabilities, both in bespoke code and in open source code,
  • Check for main published vulnerabilities that could impact your code,
  • Deliver you the list of these vulnerabilities and explain them to you.

Pick and choose from our two kickstart offerings. Connect with us and we will schedule a time for you and your organization to get started. 

Contact us to get kickstarted.

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