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Product Verification and Validation

As software based differentiation becomes central to all product categories, a defect-free product at first launch is key to the product’s success. Take advantage of our Product Verification & Validation (V&V) expertise to validate end-to-end customer experience across your products.

Transforming from Product Quality to Product Integrity

With the shift in focus from quality to integrity, we help product companies win customer trust, launch new-age products with agility and flexibility, while ensuring optimal costs.

Our Product V&V approach applies the best-suited testing techniques to provide feedback on the perceived quality, performance and reliability of the product against the industry benchmarks. We ensure rigor while implementing system engineering fundamentals.


Our Offerings as Product V&V Partner

Sogeti offers significant benefits to product organizations through the following offerings:

  • V&V Consulting to improve and optimize V&V effectiveness using proven methodologies and context-specific best practices.
  •  TestOps helps defining context specific V&V strategy through analysis of data from the continuous integration, continuous test and continuous deployment pipeline in a DevOps environment.
  • Testing-As-A-Utility service including Test-Automation-As-A-Utility and Test-Lab-Infrastructure-As-A-Utility provisioned through customer-centric Right shore® test labs provides significant cost benefits. 
  • Product Integrity services can take organizations beyond quality to gain end-user loyalty and trust.

Our key levers to achieve the quality goals include:

  • Structured test design techniques, test methodologies and test lab management.
  • Industry best practices such as Shift-Left, Shift-Right and continuous Automation.
  • Mature V&V methodologies, tools and optimized processes harmonized with specific standards for served industries.
  • Domain-centric test assets, accelerators and frameworks.
  • Shared business risks with our engineering outcome based engagement approach

Solutions and Accelerators

  • Solutions/Platforms:
    • Hybrid Test Automation platform
    • Harmony: Tool Orchestration Platform
    • IOT Test Automation Platform
    • Vision Based Programmatic Camera Test Solution
  • Accelerators:
    • Command Line & API Test Automation Framework
    • TapNGen – Script less test automation code generator for  Desktop Browser Apps, Mobile Native Apps
    • HMIViz– Automated HMI validation for multilingual text and icons
    • Test Attacks on Embedded Devices
    • Bluetooth Interoperability and profile testing
    • I18N/L10N testing
    • Tool Validation for intended use

Product Integrity Kickstart #1
Product Integrity Kickstart #2
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