Technical Publication

Reduce your spending on technical publications by at least 30% at the end of the second year of outsourcing – guaranteed. Discover the benefits of our offshore technical publication center.

A Strong Business Case for Outsourcing

Today, most products require owners' and repair manuals, as well as other technical publications to instruct customers on their use. Rather than generate revenue, these supplementary publications increase costs, usually with minimal input from top management. Increasing wages and using legacy tools to create manuals only inflate costs further.

Shift Your Focus to Core Business

Leveraging our Rightshore® approach, we tap into our offshore technical publication center to help you create and manage a broad range of high-quality technical publications.

Our service offers include:

  • Consulting and benchmarking
  • Impact analysis
  • Authoring
  • Illustrations
  • Manuals maintenance and revisions
  • Migration
  • Publishing


  • Reduced overall spending by at least 30% at end of second year
  • Minimal set-up costs as a result of ready-to-use infrastructure, methods and processes
  • Attractive commercial and per-unit pricing models
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Consistent, high-quality publications

A Global Leader in Technical Publication

We are proud to have the world's largest offshore technical publication center, which is ISO27001-certified for data and information security. It features the following:

  • 500 qualified personnel
  • 2 million authoring hours
  • 400,000 illustration and wiring hours
  • 250,000 revised and created tasks

To find out how technical publication services can save you time and money, contact our experts today.

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