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Archival of Invoice Supporting Document in Oracle EBS

Searches an invoice in Oracle EBS and attaches supporting documents for audit and compliance purpose.


  1. 100% automated process, with pre-defined fallouts for exception handling, leading to resource capacity release
  2. 24/7 availability - can handle high volumes

Tasks Performed

  1. Check for incoming e-mail with attachments
  2. Download attachment file(s) and save in shared folder
  3. Read supplier name and invoice number from e-mail body
  4. Login to Oracle EBS Vision application
  5. Navigate to invoice search screen
  6. Enter supplier name and invoice number
  7. Upload attachment files saved earlier
  8. Update completion status and move e-mail to separate folder

Bot Platform


Oracle EBS


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Price is $ 12,000 USD one time fee

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Business Processes: Invoice Processing

Last Updated: 18 August 2020